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Soul Connection 77 ~ Perfect Imperfections

Look into the mirror; what do you see? If you like your face, you will smile back at yourself. If you look at your face and notice what you consider to be imperfections, there will be no smile. Continue to look into the mirror until you can embrace your imperfections as perfection. Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder.

Practice beholding everyone as an equal spiritual being, perfect in all ways. Observe nature in all its glory, noting how everything works perfectly together. Practice seeing perfection in all events, both those observed as “good” or “bad.” Each of these events offers you an opportunity to be more loving and accepting. As you begin to see yourself and all else as perfect, your ability to love unconditionally will greatly expand.

Not only acceptance, but the underlying knowledge that all is perfect is the basis of love. Learn to love one another without conditions. When you notice imperfections in things around you, embrace them and look for the beauty in them. By doing so, your path on Earth will lead to joy in every moment.

When thoughts arise that make you feel you are imperfect, release these untruths by replacing them with the knowledge that you are perfect. In the beginning, this may be difficult, yet the joy when freed from these self-imposed bonds will be well worth the effort. Do not condemn yourself, for they had a purpose at the time you created them. Bless the remembrances you had and let them go.

You will find some things easier to release than others. Expect miracles. Some beliefs are like dominoes; when one falls, many others fall with it. As you uncover each undesirable belief, you will also have related behaviors to change. This may seem to be a daunting path, but each release brings freedom. Each freedom brings more joy and releases more energy for you to tackle other debilitating beliefs. Once you have mastered these beliefs, you will exponentially create joy each moment of your life. Is this not a goal worth striving for?

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