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Soul Connection 71 ~ Let Go And Be

What do you wish to create? Your future begins now, in this moment. No matter what you have experienced in the past, the Path you walk today creates your future. Take time to quiet your mind and relax your body. Take a few moments to breathe in and out, releasing the thoughts and cares of the day. Feel your muscles relax while focusing on your breathing. Take a moment to reflect on the circumstances of your life. Feel gratitude for each of the blessings that comes to your mind.

Choose one area of unrest you would like to change. Look closely at the problem. When did it first appear in your life? What were the circumstances surrounding the event? How did you react at that time? How did others involved react at that time? Was there something that could have been said or done to resolve the issue when it first arose? If so, take note of this and let it be a reminder to have the courage to say what needs to be spoken when future issues arise, so they will not fester and become problematic.

Be as objective as possible and review your role in the situation that caused the problem to continue. Is there something you can do to resolve the issue? Are you able to accept your role in the event? What could you have done better in the situation? Muse on this for awhile and in your mind role-play how you can act differently when a similar situation arises in the future. Many times, you cannot undo an event, but you can learn from it and make better choices the next time. That is what self-empowerment is about, learning to master and control yourself.

Can you think of ways to rectify the situation? What will it take? Do you have the courage to take the necessary steps to right the wrong? Perhaps it is time to let go of a belief that no longer serves you. Have courage to move forward. A life of wonder and bliss awaits all who have the courage to move past fear, focusing instead on love and gratitude.

Consider the past event a valuable learning experience. Many times, the most painful situations you heal in yourself allow you to help another who is going through a similar situation. This is the beauty of experience; being able to share and support one another. Within you is the power to resolve any issue that confront you. Simply have courage to face and infuse them with love so a clear resolution of what is in your highest good can shine forth!

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