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Soul Connection 69 ~ The Nature of Cycles

Take time to sit in nature,
Observe all that you see.
The beauty of the mountains,
white waves upon the sea,
Nature knows no deadlines,
yet all is done on time.
Sprouts emerge in springtime,
Becoming summer’s harvest.
Autumn leaves begin to fall,
Birds leave their summer nest.
Winter snows make rivers flow
As springs arrives again.
Each ending brings a new start
And life begins afresh.
Set aside your hurried pace,
Allow time to refresh.
Go within your inner self
Discover who you are.
Allow the doors to open
while reaching for the stars.
Enjoy the road less traveled,
it is a luxury.
Pace yourself like nature.
Be in the moment now.
Worry about the future
creates creases in the brow.
Nature’s message, strong and clear,
No clocks are needed here.
Breathe deep; slowly, let it out.
Be grateful for this moment.
Refreshed, recharged, start a new
cycle along your journey.
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