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Soul Connection 57 ~ Life Experiences

Many spiritual teachers for eons have taught that humans are here to experience only love. On one level, this is true. However, you have been taught that love is equal to perfection, when all things are flowing smoothly. This is not true. In its truest sense, love IS perfection. However, when a human equates perfection as an act that has a perfect outcome, there is going to be disappointment at the end. The journey is as perfect as the destination. Whenever you reach a destination, there is still more to experience. When you understand this, then we can be in agreement that love is equal to perfection.
Another teaching that has become corrupted is to say that living life is love. If that is true, then does that mean that death is less than love? Life on Earth is just a blink of an eye when it comes to the length that your Soul is alive in its experience away from Source. All are equal, whether your life is currently being played out on Earth, on other physical planets or in Realms that have no physical matter. Your energy is like a cloud, it wisps in and out, mingling and separating from other clouds. There is no judgment among the clouds, they simply are, flowing freely throughout the sky.
You may also misunderstand that love is happening only when your life is going smoothly. We say hogwash to that notion. When you can feel love and gratitude for every experience, you will have a better understanding of what Source love is like.
Coal has little worth, except for a few moments of heat while burning in the furnace. However, take that same lump of coal and place it under extreme pressure and you will alchemically produce a diamond. Now, take that diamond and cut it here and there and it becomes more valuable in the eyes of the beholder. Your life is such. Each and every experience has value. It is up to you to decide what you want to experience and whether or not your journey will be filled with joy or despair.
Why not experience both joy and despair? This does not mean you have to dwell for long in either place. How much richer will your life be when you allow yourself to experience both along the way. If nothing else, it makes for a great story to share with others!
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