Soul Connection 5 ~ Dare to Be You!

Step back and take an objective look at how you would like your life to be. Free your mind to get “out of the box” and consider every thing, no matter how absurd or impossible it may seem. In many cases, the absurd and impossible actions may become the best solutions, once you move past fear and limiting beliefs.
There are many paths to your destination. Enjoy the journey along the way. Do not belittle yourself if you make what might be judged a “poor” decision. If one thing doesn’t work, then “pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again.”
The human experience is simply that, a set of experiences. Although it may be difficult to find value in a set of circumstances that has caused fear or pain, know there are many benefits to these situations. Remind yourself that you reside in a world of polarity; where there is pain, there is gain.
Each experience you have allows an opportunity for growth and furthers your ability to connect with others who have had or are facing the same situation. Through you, many others gain knowledge, experience and wisdom. Step out of the box and dare to be you!
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