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Soul Connection 49 ~ Balancing Act

Take time each day to quiet your mind and go within. Begin first thing in the morning before you arise. Feel gratitude for the experience of being on Earth at this time. Be mindful of all the blessings you have. Set your intentions and ask for guidance for what you choose to create this day.

Now you are ready to arise and begin your day. Refresh your body by drinking plenty of water. If you must have coffee to start your day, have at least one glass of water first to cleanse your liver and system of toxins that accumulated overnight.

Like a cat, take time to stretch your body with gentle techniques such as yoga or chi gong. Do this in the sun when possible and enjoy the warmth of its rays as your body absorbs necessary nutrients.

Take time to eat a hearty breakfast. Eat in a relaxed setting with your loved ones. Bless your food, giving thanks to all that were involved in bringing it to your table. Grow what you can, share a garden with another or support your local organic farmers. Mindfully chew your food.

Now you are ready to begin your day with an energized body, mind and spirit. Whether you leave or stay home to do your work, you are now ready to face any obstacles and receive all blessings that come your way.

Throughout the day, be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions. Are you staying in your integrity? Are you moving towards your stated intentions or goals? Are you feeling balanced, relaxed and in peace? Are you experiencing joy? Are there obstacles that need to be addressed? Are you staying in the now moment rather than worrying about the past or future? As the sun sets, take a moment to express gratitude for the blessings you received this day.

Being balanced is a skill, similar to riding a bicycle. At first, it is tedious as you pay attention to every detail. However, as you practice balancing your body on the bicycle, it eventually becomes second nature as your subconscious mind takes over. You are then free to be more creative, such as riding with no hands or paying more attention to what is happening around you. Notice the wonders of nature as you pedal along.

However, there are dangers to watch for; with practice, you learn to avoid these pitfalls gracefully. If you lose your balance and fall, simply get up and start over. If you get tired, rest. Take a nice easy pace for longevity. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Take a lunch, rest under a tree and appreciate all the beauty this world has to offer!

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