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Soul Connection 46 ~ Walk the Line

Do you remember studying the “nuber line” when you were in school? The line stretched out infinitely to the left (negative numbers) and to the right (positive numbers). A little dot represented a number or place on the line. The little dot on the number line is where you are now. At any point, you can choose with clear intention and passion what you wish to experience. You can choose an infinite number of negative possibilities or an infinite number of positive possibilities.

You can either choose to experience both sides of a specific polarity, such as “love” and “fear,” or you can choose to experience a balance of the two in order to reach your intended goals. Either way, you will experience the integration of both. You will reach your destination either after many rides on the rollercoaster, the ups and downs of life, or you can reach it by choosing to ride the Tunnel of Love without experiencing deep levels of fear.

If you wish to balance your life, quiet your inner mind. Soon, you will once again hear your inner voice. Begin to release the fears, behaviors and beliefs that keep you from realizing your wildest dreams. As you practice dancing from dot to dot on the number line, you will become more balanced.

Once your basic needs are met, you will be better equipped to make this world a better place, simply by being who you are. Your level of happiness, joy and love will grow exponentially. This energy will flow out of you and permeate all. You will create and enjoy with passion, sharing the unique gifts you have, simply by being. In this way, you will have integrated the polarities in your life and can now enjoy going to the rollercoaster and Tunnel of Love without wreaking havoc on your emotional state of being. Have fun, stay focused and enjoy the ride!

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