Soul Connection 44 ~ I Am That, I Am

Focus on a person, place or thing. Repeat in your mind, “I am that, I am.” Consciously look at similarities you have with the person, place or object you are focusing on. Make a heart connection by sending love from your heart to their heart. Focus on creating a feeling of gratitude for both the good things and for the lessons you are learning from the not so good things associated with the object of your attention.

The goal is to develop a sense of Oneness, knowing that you come from the same Source. Go deeper into the feelings of actually being that person, place or thing. With practice, you will begin to merge as One.

As you go about your day, consciously connect with others, mentally repeating the statement, “I am that, I am” until you begin to feel one with all. Take time to do this often and your life will blossom in all areas as you rediscover your true spiritual Essence. You will begin to remember that you are a Divine Spark, a hologramic aspect of Source and all of creation.

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