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Soul Connection 42 ~ The Shadows Within

Looking at the shadow self is not an easy task. When reacting to another’s words or behaviors in a way that causes internal unrest, you have an opportunity to look within to see what is upsetting you. From this realization, you can then choose how to react in future situations. With practice, you can choose to change your beliefs and habits associated with this event. This is growth. With growth comes the ability to help others. That is what being a good steward is all about; being in service to others.
It is time to lighten up. Look at yourself and others with fresh eyes. Teach yourself to seek out the good in others. Stop needless comparisons; they only cause greater separation. Go within on a daily basis and seek ways to change your habits of judgment and condemnation. You will first have to discover your own beauty before you can see it in others. Watch your words and pay attention to your feelings. Observe what you say about others and start to notice how often your words are a reflection of a weakness you perceive in yourself.
Every person is unique and has special abilities to share. Find these and hone them and share with those who are ready to accept your gifts.

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