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Soul Connection 28 ~ Garden of Possibilities

Today we will embark on a journey inward, to the place where ideas and dreams are seeded. These are created first by the mind and then with conscious intention. For anything to become a reality in your personal life, you must first know it as a possibility.
Using the analogy of a garden, you must first have a basic idea of what a garden is. What do you want to put into your garden: fruits, veggies, herbs, flowers? How will you decide what to grow in your garden: see what others are growing, choose the foods you like to eat, browse seed catalogs?
After you have chosen what you would like to grow, it is time to choose the seeds you will plant. Will you choose heritage seeds, GMO, ones you have gathered yourself? You will also need to know what steps are needed to allow the seeds to grow and mature. These include needs such as soil temperature, irrigation, sunlight and fertilizer.
Creating anything in your life follows the same pattern. It is up to you to choose which seed and the amount of nurturance or attention you will give that seed. The fulfillment of your goals and dreams are in your hands. There are many spirit beings on the other side waiting to help you with these desires but you must first choose what you desire, believe that it is possible, focus your attention on your desire, and then ask for assistance. Then follow through with the necessary steps to create it into your reality.

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