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Soul Connection 258 ~ Return to Tribe

When a society works together, supporting all of its members, there are very little past hurts to work through. When it is in your daily consciousness to be kind and respectful to others, there are very few wounds. When a society agrees that some behaviors are not acceptable, then it is less likely anyone will choose this behavior, especially if they know it will cost their life or possible exile.

Modern societies are far removed from the sense of family, tribe and community. It is this sense of separation that has caused much grief and strife in the world. There must be a coming together of all cultures before unity of thought can be achieved on Earth. Relinquishing the need to be right or better than others is also of paramount importance.

There will be many who will not give up their desire to be better than or to control others. Do not be concerned for their souls, for they will be fine. They will have their experiences and you will have your own chosen experiences. When the time is right, we will all come together again as one large inhale, then breathed back into the essence of Source from where we all came. Until that time, work to overcome any feelings of separation, for these are what cause the most harm. Release judgment and accept others as they are. Be loving, kind and most of all, simply BE!
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