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Soul Connection 257 ~ Proper Prayers

Do not be concerned about “saving” others, for all is well. There is no hell; there is no punishment. After death, all will go to a place where they can continue to experience what they choose. It is wise to share what you know with others, but do not be overly concerned for their well-being. In the end, all will be reunited with Source.
No one knows the full reasons and path that a Soul has chosen before creating a human incarnation. Some choose to go through serious health issues. Many choose poverty or extreme wealth. Some want to balance past lives by experiencing the opposite in the current life.
Thus, before you pray for anyone, connect deeply with your Soul to see if it is your business to be involved. If you receive an affirmative response, the next step is to tune into the Soul of the other person before interceding. If you are not at this level of understanding, then your prayer requests are best made in the manner of “what is for the highest good of all involved.”
Praying for someone to have an experience different than what is preordained can create an energetic imbalance. Quite often, humans become angry at God for not answering their prayers. This is a sign of misunderstanding what is happening behind the scenes.
There may be physical or emotional pain involved, yet this pain may be the catalyst necessary to bring forth what the Soul has intended. This is also why it is important not to judge the actions of others, for you do not know the Big Picture of all that is involved.

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