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Soul Connection 253 ~ 10 Keys to Ascension

In one sense, you are already perfect and pure, but in another sense, there is much you wish to experience, thus you have temporarily separated yourself from Source. Know that you are truly not separate, for within you resides the Oneness of Source. You have chosen individuation, just for a time.
What many are striving for is to live in the human body while being spiritually aware and empowered. To ensure your success, consider the following.
Rest when you are tired.
Eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.
Be kind to yourself and others.
Laugh often.
Enjoy life.
Choose work that gives you joy.
Be respectful of the beliefs of others.
Pay close attention to your own beliefs.
Overcome your fears.
Feel gratitude in every moment.
These are ten key ingredients formulating your ascension process. Develop your daily routine around them and watch as your life unfolds before you as beautiful as the opening of the lotus blossom.

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