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Soul Connection 230 ~ What Role Will You Choose?

Each day, look at life anew and with wonder. You have the ability to change old habits that hinder your growth. Within you lies the love of Source who sends Heavenly Helpers to assist in whatever you wish to experience. This world is illusory, a playground; treat it as such. The Earth is a place where you can choose to be the monster or the fairy godmother. You can choose to be the prince or the pauper. You can play the role of the good guy or the bad guy.
What makes your heart sing? Try on several hats, wear silly clothes, do “a bun dance” and sing to your heart’s content. Perhaps your light-hearted touch will reach others who are downtrodden and help them to awaken.
Be happy in all you do. Smile at strangers. Change what doesn’t work for you. Enjoy this day, being aware each moment that you are a perfect Being. Wake up to your potential, choosing the myriad of options available to you. If an option you choose does not feel right, simply choose another.
When love and kindness are the basis of your choices, the outcome will be filled with love and delight. You are One with All, remember this and keep it as your foundation when you interact with others throughout the day. No one is of more or less importance than another. Every person has the ability to sway thousands of others into a new way of thinking. Choose to be a role-model for love, peace and kindness.

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