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Soul Connection 22 ~ Honor the Elders

From ancient times, Elders were respected and given high reverence. Many cultures set time aside each year for the express purpose of listening to the storytellers. The Elders shared their life experiences with the younger generations. Physical survival, interrelationships and spiritual development have often been main themes passed through oral traditions.

In older civilizations, families were the center of the culture. The tribe worked as one to raise and educate the young. Every person had a purpose with each sharing in the chores and gathering the food. Can you imagine living closely with your entire tribe? Many cannot fathom being in the same room for any length of time with some of the closest family members. Why is this?

We have lost the basic skills of respect and clear communication, knowing when it is time to talk and how to listen when others are talking. Sharing and forgiving are a lost art in many households. Today, the chasm grows wider as family members spend more time involved in mundane online and cell phone chatter.

It is time once again to place the Elders in the position of wisdom keepers. Learn the knowledge they have to share relating to family, culture and society. Many of the indigenous Elders are leaving the planet, taking their wisdom with them, for no one has stepped up to pass the knowledge on to. This is a sad state of affairs.

Rejuvenate the art of storytelling and family entertainment. Eat dinner together in peace, blessing your food and those who brought it to your table. Gather together to share the events of the day. Honor each family member for their contribution.

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