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Soul Connection 20 ~ Klutter Kontrol

Look around at the state of affairs of the place where you spend much of your time. That space is a mirror reflection of what is going on in your inner being. Is it cluttered? Is it immaculate? Is it full of useless items? Is it decorated to impress others? Whatever you have created outwardly is what you have also created inwardly. Are there changes that need to be addressed?

As you look at your home through new eyes, notice what is there that you no longer use. Take time to look at every object, every picture on the wall, as well as the dishes in your cabinet. As you look at each object, notice if it brings up any memories. If these memories are not positive, then consider removing the item from your home or changing the energy surrounding the object.
As an example, you have an object that was given to you as a gift from someone you are no longer on friendly terms with. Every time you notice this object, it stirs up the anger you feel towards that person. What an opportunity to acknowledge your feelings! How will you choose to face this issue? Perhaps you will attempt to amend the friendship. Maybe you will choose to look at the past situation in a different light allowing yourself to release the feelings of negativity. You may choose to sell or give away the object because it does not bring you joy or because it serves no function.
Do this with all the things you own, including your clothes. If the object brings up negative energies, look at those energies and begin the healing process. Weed out things you do not like or no longer need. Watch the magic unfold as you release these items. This housecleaning will deeply affect your inner being, for at the same time, you will be cleaning out your beliefs and negative thoughtforms.
Pay attention to what you bring into your home. If you are a packrat, finding it hard to say no to anything offered to you, look at the reasons behind this behavior. Are you are a shopaholic, not being able to turn down a bargain? Could purchasing items be a means of medicating your pain? Go deep within and find the root of these behaviors.
Take the necessary steps to control the clutter in your inner and outer world. Create a happy, relaxed space where you can enjoy all who enter. Unused and unwanted items tend to have an overbearing energy when they are found in profusion. Lighten up and enjoy your space!

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