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Soul Connection 182 ~ Linear Love

When you feel the emotion of love, adrenaline courses throughout your body, causing a warm feeling. Think of the emotions you feel when you are “in love” as being linear. On one end there is the emotion of euphoria, while on the other end, there is the feeling of hate. As a human, your emotions slide back and forth along this line, making it impossible to feel euphoria and hate at the same time, for any specific situation.
In order to increase your capability to Love, slide your scale for every person, place and event closer towards the center point where every emotion is perfectly balanced. Then, no matter what others say or do, you will remain in balance any given moment. As you release judgment towards others, you will become capable of releasing emotions you have regarding any situation.
If you wish to unconditionally Love others, it is imperative that you Love yourself first. Until you open the blocks that keep you from freely giving and receiving Love, you will inhibit your ability to increase your vibratory rate.
As you revise your beliefs, allowing more Love and Light into your body and energy field, you affect yourself and all others, for the energy of love is free flowing. This refinement is the key to allowing you to break free from the patterns of feeling separated from Source and all others.

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