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Soul Connection 14 ~ Nurture Your Self

Do you daily take quiet time to simply be? When is the last time you enjoyed a massage, a manicure or a day at the spa? If you have a partner, when was the last time you received special attention, such as having your hair brushed or head petted? Do you often stop and enjoy the beauty in nature? Have you taken time to read books or magazines that you find interesting? How often do you call someone to get their opinion on how you can improve yourself?

Take time each morning, before you get out of bed and ask your body, “What do I need today to be full of energy and joy?” Once you learn to listen, you will find that your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Pay attention to your aches and pains; your body was designed with alarm systems to tell you when it needs food, water, exercise and rest.

Wear the appropriate clothing, even if it is not fashionable. It takes a tremendous amount of energy for your system to regulate body temperature. Are you overworking your muscles? Do less toil and take time to nurture your muscles with a massage or warm bath. Have you considered petting yourself and thanking your body?

Develop a close, personal relationship with your body. Begin by gazing into your eyes while looking at your reflection in a mirror and telling yourself that you love you, that you are a wonderful person and that you are beautiful. Pay attention to your body each moment as you prepare to eat; ask your body what it needs. Listen to its responses. When you feel bloated, gassy, weak or tired, note what foods you have recently eaten and change your diet accordingly.

When you nurture yourself, you will feel healthy and vibrant. From this physical state, you will have much more energy, mental clarity, emotional balance and in joy. This state of balance offers you the time, energy and desire to nurture your spiritual essence, as well. It is then that you can be of service to others in a more beneficial way, rather than coming from a place of co-dependence, guilt or obligation.

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