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Fine Tune

It is important to fine tune your frequency to match the Earth. As the frequency of the Earth rises, it affects every living and inanimate object on the surface and within. If these things do not match her frequency, they will lose their connection.

In order to keep your connection with Earth during this time of transition, you will need to raise your vibrational frequency. The quickest, easiest and most effective way to raise your frequency is through deep experiences of love, peace and gratitude.

When a person refuses to accept new ideas, doors are closed to a whole realm of possibilities. As long as you hold on to lower vibrational feelings such as fear, anger, revenge and unworthiness, you will suffer the consequences of being out of tune with the Earth. Once you release what is holding you back, whole avenues of possibilities arise.

Begin the fine tune your frequency by going within and taking care of your inner business. Make changes in your outer world to match the changes in your inner world. Will you begin today?

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  1. szczescieabc

    Thank you Theresa for re-minding me, that we HAVE to raise our own frequencies in order to grow spiritually, to be in unisono/union with Pacha Mama, Gaia, all spirits and our God, the One Omnipotent. Let all of us feel the Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Faith and Hope. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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