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Soul Connection 101 ~ Breath of Life

Your breath is the most important element you need to exist on Earth. Try not breathing for just a few minutes and you will understand its importance. Breathing consciously while setting intentions is very powerful. There are many techniques on how to use the breath to energize the body, mind and soul. You might consider a conscious breathing exercise as part of your daily life.
At first, conscious breathing methods can seem tedious as you learn to quiet the mind, which is constantly chattering and demanding attention. Yet, when your mind is calm, there is truly a peace that surpasses all understanding. Find a form of breathing that feels comfortable to you. In the beginning, it may be difficult, but keep practicing until it becomes second nature.
Once your mind and body are calm, it will be easier for your Soul and Spirit Team to assist you in making life choices that are for your highest good. To consciously co-create with Heavenly Helpers, you must believe they exist, acknowledge them and give them permission to assist you. It is their delight to be of assistance to you. Many of these Beings have been with you throughout several lifetimes and adventures.
Within the Spirit Realm, there are no time and space limitations. Many humans do not ask God or the Heavenly Helpers for help because they feel their issues are not that important and don’t want to bog them down. This is limited human thinking, a belief that needs to be banished. The universe encompasses all things; there is no lack of abundance. There are many Heavenly Helpers with various talents who are available to assist you, even computer geeks and car mechanics! All you need to do is request their assistance and tune in to your Soul for advice.

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