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Soul Connection 100 ~ Return to Unity

All humans are children of God. Not only do we have the same blood running in our veins, but we also have the same spirit connection to the Source of all. In one sense, we are all gods, each being an aspect of the whole, a hologram. Take time each day to go within and find ways to make this connection with your Soul, other humans and all of creation.

The following are suggestions to return to unity with All.

Focus on positive thoughts.
Build a feeling of love for all of creation.
Allow everyone to be who they are.
Face your fears.
Forgive yourself and all others for past wounds.
Focus your attention on what is happening in the moment.
Follow your intuition each step of your journey.
Find joy in all things.
Visualize what you want the world to be like.
When possible, communicate with those you are separated from.

All you need resides within you. You have the ability to reconnect with the part of your Self that was temporarily shut off when you initially incarnated, thus regaining full remembrance of your spiritual roots.

Working together, on both sides of the Veil, we are creating a collective conscious group similar to a board meeting where all come together to reset company policy and revamp the system.

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