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Have you considered ways to share skills you have experienced with children who would be interested in learning from you? You can go about this in many ways.

Tell your stories and teach your skills to family members: your children, grandchildren, nieces, their friends, etc. Call and schedule talks, storytelling or demonstrations at your local library. Contact local public, charter and private schools and ask for ways you can share your skills. There are also opportunities at trade shows, festivals, conferences and fairs. Be creative, have courage and find fun ways to interact by sharing your passion. Your life will be greatly enhanced!

Parents, do what you can to keep children supplied with art materials and being out in nature. Listen when they speak and allow them to freely express their opinions. Develop communication skills in which each of you shares why you believe what you do, without judgment.

Be conscious of the words you speak; you are being listened to and watched by these young ears and eyes and they know when you are not in your integrity. Although they tend to be forgiving, they are still apt to take your idle words as truth and develop belief codes around them.

Pay attention to how you like to be treated and when appropriate, treat the children in your life the same. We all wish to be loved, heard and understood.

Children need to know their boundaries, assure them they will have more freedom as they master their current parameters.

Teach them how to spend and save money. Let them earn toys, special treats and money by sharing with household duties. As they grow older, encourage them to interweave their skills and passion by sharing their gifts with others.

Give children the respect they deserve. Let them feel loved. Speak your truth to them. Allow them to experience life in a safe and nurturing environment and there will be fewer problems in society. Share skills you have learned with others. Find ways to heighten your experience with every child you encounter, even if it simply a smile.


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