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Re-Creating Yourself

Re-creating Yourself: It is time to transcend low energy memories into new beliefs that will allow you to grow more into the beautiful Being that you are. You are already perfect, although you may no longer remember this is true.
How can you shed fears and beliefs that keep you locked into a life of pain and sorrow? When going within, have the courage to face your fears and to accept responsibility for your emotions and actions. This is not to say that you are responsible for actions that others have perpetrated on you. However, you are responsible for how you respond to those actions, especially years after they occurred.
Shed what no longer fits and live your life anew. You are responsible for every word you utter, every thought you think, every move you make and every emotion you feel.
As you uncover unresolved issues and unhealed wounds, observe them closely. Forgive and release any animosity you have towards anyone or anything, including yourself. You are your own worst enemy if you let anger and resentment build while dumping guilt and shame into the wound. Treat everything as a learning experience, no matter how unpleasant it is. If you reacted to a situation in an inappropriate manner, role-play scenarios of how you will react differently when a similar situation recurs.
If you have learned something from the experience, feel gratitude for the lesson learned. Now you have the ability to reach out and assist others who have experienced similar situations. Isn’t that a wonderful gift? There is not one event that does not have merit or purpose, whether you play the role of victim, perpetrator or observer. There is value in everything. Know that you have within you the power to change any and all things that are causing you to feel unbalanced.
Take a few moments now and prayerfully go within to your quiet space and seek guidance from your Soul. Know you are loved and blessed beyond measure. No matter what pains you felt in the past, they need not be masked by drugs, bad habits or fear. Have the courage to go into your inner closet and start pulling out those things that no longer fit the person you wish to be.

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