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Rainbow Reminders

Rainbows are symbolic of fortune, abundance and promise. Whenever you see a rainbow, stop what you are doing and tune into these energies, feeling gratitude for the blessings in your life.

Visualize yourself receiving abundance in all things. Send blessings to all other Beings so they too, may allow themselves to receive abundance and to share their gifts.

See the arch as a portal you can enter at any time to collect gifts within you that currently lie dormant. Receive the promise that you are loved and supported by Source, your Soul and Spirit Guides.

Each color in the rainbow has its own energy frequency, correlating with your chakras. Allow these frequencies to enter your body, healing all aspects of your self.

As you look at the beautiful water crystals glistening in the sun, which creates the rainbow, send blessings to all the waters of the Earth, including the water in your body.

Consider buying a crystal for your car and home, welcoming in the “dancing rainbows.” Let them be a daily reminder of the abundance available to you.

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