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When life’s burdens are getting you down, how do you release them?

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  1. Dawn Ohlsson

    Surrender to source keep faith and trust send love and light too al involved in conflict

  2. Christine K

    My immediate remedy is to call in my healing and benevolent spirit guides, the four directions, my favorite archangels and power animals, Mother Gaia, and The Creator of All That is. I thank them for their presence, and ask them to come and sit in my heart. I can intensify the effect by adding in nature, especially standing at the water’s edge or standing on a large rock! Singing is a
    magical addition to the mix too! 💜🎇🙏

  3. steve-robert

    After many years of practice and work, I’m rarely down. However, if I feel tension, I do EFT aka “tapping” to release the blocked energy around whatever issue I am having. I have also, for myself previously and helping clients now, found B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) very helpful. Either takes just a few minutes and once I’ve blown out the steam, usually in the form of a yawn, for them or me, I / we can keep it moving.

    Always holding an attitude of gratitude and seeing God in everyone eases the entire process. Keep in faith. When it seems that I can do nothing else to “make it happen” I give it to ALL THAT IS and if it’s to happen, it will. FYI, It JUST did! My typing this comment was interrupted with a call that has cleared the way for a very busy and productive work weekend! Ahhhh – Synchronicity!
    So, BE of Joy.

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