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How do you connect with your Spirit Guides?

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  1. Susan Lilja

    Have not figured out how. Doing tons of release work, but still no clues on how to do that (in a way that works) or where I’m going. Not able to muscle test, don’t thoroughly trust pendulum after bad experiences and relying on other people in touch with “my team” for answers when I can get them.

    1. admin

      Many times, we are looking too hard for the responses. They often show up as a “knowingness,” in song lyrics, goose pimples, someone else saying something unexpectedly, instinct and intuition, synchronicities, etc. We often “hear” and answer, but don’t trust if it is our own mind or not. Dreams is another way the connection is often made… and definitely while one’s mind is not as active, such as during meditation, walking in nature, taking a shower, driving a vehicle, etc.

  2. Maria Heretaki

    True Love a priority (unconditional) however, both would be helpful.😊

  3. Judy Maroon

    I pray then meditate giving thanks and praise then we talk …. a lot .

  4. Marlene Benson

    Generally, I just talk to them directly when something is on my mind.

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