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Preparing for Ascension

Preparing for Ascension

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
October 27, 2019

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are again excited to have this time to commune with you. We ask at this time for you to prepare yourself for the Ascension. Although this is a long way off, now is the time to prepare, so that you can live your life accordingly.

Take time to go into a quiet space and start releasing the things that no longer serve you.

Look back on people and events that are still energized, but have no value in your current time span. Let them go. On this first round, do not dwell on anything. Simply hold a vacuum in your hand as you quickly span your life, sucking up anything that no longer is worth worrying about or carrying with you.

Span your life from childhood, chronologically up to the current time. Again, this is a quicker picker upper. We are not doing deep cleaning, that will come on a further round. Right now, we’re sucking up the loose dust, dirt and cobwebs.

As you come to the current time, start looking at things where you spend your time, money and energy. Look at each from a new perspective. Consider to yourself, “If I died today, would it matter to me if it was left undone?” If not, consider spending less attention there. Then look at the things that are important. If you left the earth plane today, would you want someone to carry on this work or to tie up the loose ends? If so, then make plans to start doing what needs to be done so that another person will know exactly how to tie those ends.

Then consider what you wish you had completed. Look deep to see just how important each of these things are. Then make plans to work towards completing the ones that feel urgent to you.

The purpose of this exercise is to free up blocked energies.

Then to start releasing your attachments to this plane. One cannot cross over comfortably if they are too attached to any part of this lifetime. If you truly wish to ascend duality, then each rung up the ladder, you will need to lighten your load.

We are not saying that you should not do anything that you find enjoyable. Not at all, for there is much fun in exercising your creativity to bring peace and beauty to this realm on earth. What we are suggesting however, is letting go of the attachment, outcome or expectation you place on yourself or others. Then you can truly live in the moment and go with the flow.

Once you have finished cleaning your energy field, allow it to contract as you let loose of things that no longer serve you. When you feel that the exercise is complete, then expand your energy field by filling it with unconditional love from the Creator / Source of All.

Take time throughout the week to attune to your Higher Self. Ask what is important to let go of and what is important to create from this moment forward. If you hear nothing, then follow your intuition. However, do take time each day to send love to your Higher Self in an attempt to begin making clear communication.

You can also call on your own Spirit Guides and Masters that you feel drawn to, for added support.

Live your life from this moment forward, enjoying the beauty around you. Use your creative juices in ways that inspire you. Let loose of relationships, jobs, recreational activities and anything else that weighs you down rather than helps you to soar like an eagle.

As you continue to do this exercise on a regular basis, you will retrain the way your brain thinks. You will let loose of layers of ego that have held you back. When one prepares to die, they actually make it easier to live unencumbered, for fear of death runs rampant throughout humanity. Let loose of these fears. Scrutinize your beliefs and free yourself from the chains that bind you. Love and gratitude are the keys to freedom and you hold them in your heart.

Pay attention to your upper heart region. This is the place where the Creator / Source is anchored in you. It is the Seat of your Soul where you connect with your Higher Self. It the place where Love is sent and received from you to all other beings. No longer hide this Love. Let it shine.

We wish to remind you that you are never alone or forsaken. Whenever there is a block of communication between you and us, it is always coming from your human mind. Thus, keep your inner house clean so that the dirt and grime no longer clogs our energy exchange. On this note, we wish you much love, happiness and prosperity. Use your talents wisely and more will be added unto you.

Be Blessed, All Ways, Always,

Please share our message freely with others.

The Masters
Through Reverend Theresa Crabtree

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