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Prepare to Dream Big!

Prepare to Dream Big! Take several deep breaths in and out and release the tensions of the day. Once you are relaxed, choose a behavior, a fear or a belief you are ready to release.

Take a few moments to fantasize about possible doors that could open as you choose to release this. Dream big, for all possibilities have the potential to become your reality.

Mentally visualize your life as though what you want is already a reality. Writing your desire is one powerful option. Role-play the way you wish to react in future events. Use all your senses during the visualization sessions.

Take time each day to add energy to what you wish to change within yourself until the change has occurred. “Fake it ‘til you make it” is a potent tool. Be prepared to take the steps that will lead you into a better future. There will come a time when you have to say “no” to others in order to say “yes’ to your needs.

Have you been taught to fully give yourself to others, that selfishness is wrong? Adhering to this belief has created exhausted, overwhelmed humans who expend their time and energy in co-dependent relationships. Millions are floundering, not knowing who they are or how to obtain a life filled with joy and peace.

Once you rediscover yourself and learn to live with integrity, you will automatically reach out to others. However, this time it will not come from a need to “save” others or based on a feeling of obligation. You will be reaching out to others with love and compassion, sincerely creating heart connections.

What do you want to experience? Recognize you are the co-creator of your reality: past, present and future.

Dream big!

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