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Pray and Release

Pray and Release: The future is being created by the beliefs and choices you are making in the current moment. Thus, state your intentions for what you wish to experience, then let it go and know that you have a myriad of Spirit Guides who are setting everything into motion. Holding a firm thought of what you want makes their job easier. It is the wavering that creates problems. This is because you and they get the momentum going in one direction. Then if you change your mind, new plans are put into place, yet the momentum for the other experience is still in motion. Thus, a clear intention makes the process go smoother.

Once you set that intention, you don’t have to make 43,023,040,348,304 prayers to remind them. They got the order the first time. Live your life as though it already is in place, for on one level, it is. Your role is to keep your energy field clear so that you can better recognize the clues and synchronicities to keep you moving forward toward your goals.

Pray and Release!


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