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Perfect Love

Source allows all to happen, knowing in the end, there will be a return to perfect Love. There is no need to judge, for each will self-correct or experience reactions to every action. When you can see this world as an experimental place that allows for all experiences, you will be much better able to accept what others do, without conditions.

This is a time of great transition. It is imperative that you bring yourself out of the low frequency role so you may become more capable of awakening yourself, your friends and family who are playing the darker roles. Not all will want to change. Many will ridicule you, yet stand steadfast in your beliefs. There is no need to be concerned about their Souls, for they will continue on a path that will ultimately lead back to Source.

Practice loving all unconditionally, knowing this is a temporary illusion we are engaged in. As you learn to tune in with your Soul more, you will understand this to be true.

Many wonder how the world can be allowed to have such cruel people in it. Why must others suffer at their hands? My dears, through time, humans created this mess by exercising the gift of Free Will. Many have not followed their intuition and gut feelings, thus placing them into positions causing harm to themselves and others. It is easy to do in a Realm that offers amnesia upon entry.

You have chosen to incarnate at this time in order to be a part of this grand experience. Everyone has the ability to pay attention to their body and make choices out of love rather than fear. Everyone also has the ability to communicate with their Soul and Spirit Guides to assist with avoiding unnecessary pitfalls. You are never alone.

Pay attention to your emotions and intuition, which increases the likelihood of avoiding uncomfortable experiences. Pull through the hard times by facing your fears and learning to love yourself and others unconditionally.

Like all things, there comes a time to aspire to greater heights.

This is happening now on Earth. The highest choice you can make in any situation is that of love, pure and unconditional love. It is attainable and you are well on your way to experiencing it fully. Enjoy your time on Earth and celebrate all your experiences with gratitude and Perfect Love!

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