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Paradigm Switch

Are you ready to make a paradigm switch? Your Higher Self and Spirit Guides are truly grateful for each moment you are consciously connected with them. When you are knowingly aware of them and desire to work together, there is a highly charged energy frequency that occurs between you.

There is always the possibility for a myriad of choices to occur, yet it is the one you focus your mind on that will manifest. Thus, be mindful of what you wish to experience, for you have within you the power to make it so.

There are often things that manifest in ways you do not desire. There are several reasons why this occurs. Since we live in a world with more than seven billion humans, there will be times when you simply are a receiver of something that was not consciously intended specifically for you. If it is something that goes strongly against your paradigm, your Guides will send messages to assist you in avoiding being part of that scenario. It is up to you to be tuned into their frequency and to recognize and choose whether to follow their guidance.

When you are tuned in, the lights come on and the current flows, oftentimes bringing you the gifts and joy you desire. To allow the energy between you to flow freely, you must remove any blocks. When you have fear, negative thinking or disbelief, it is like having the light switch in the “off” position; the flow is blocked. When you release beliefs and habits that keep you in fear, it is similar to turning the switch into the “on” position.

How can you make the paradigm switch?

Go within daily and consciously make the changes necessary to overcome fears and unwanted habits. When you have thoughts that are detrimental to your goals, force yourself to literally think again. Continue doing this until the habit is changed. When you find yourself falling into habits you do not desire, stop and choose again. Although it may seem difficult to do, it really is simple, although it takes perseverance, courage and will power.

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