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Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
May 23, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are well pleased that so many are now “coming to the Light” and taking charge of your lives. We do all we can to assist you but it is important to note that we do have our limits. When it comes to your sovereign rights over your energy field, you have only the limits of the laws governing life on Gaia. Thus, there is much you can do by yourself and for yourself, and also in tandem with us.

We will not thwart your free will in any manner. Thus, if you come to us for assistance in a manner, we will respond according to your actions and heart’s desire moreso than idle thoughts or fear-based prayers. You must take action to set your dreams into action. Anything less than this creates co-dependency. We are more interested in helping you to awaken yourself than to respond to every request one makes.

This is an important time in history and still, only a small percentage of humans will awaken.

For those who choose, you can assist others through modeling what you have learned and are experiencing. However, to try to change someone or to push your beliefs onto them will only cause more separation. This goes the same for those you are trying to reach. From their perspective, they may think you are being a fanatic or “off your rocker.” Thus, look more for similarities, for much of the things one wants to share with others is of lesser importance.

The most important thing you can share with others is the highest degree of love that you can muster in that moment. For love is all there truly is, all else is an illusion. The greatest challenge facing the human race, as well as other dimensional beings residing or visiting earth is the feeling of Separation.

It is highly recommended that you spend significant time pondering how you can experience the Oneness of all life, for everything is connected. It is very difficult to grasp some of the higher concepts such as what is God and where did God come from. Although there is value in these ponderations, there is much more to be dealt with in your everyday life.

Thus, begin to monitor your thoughts, words, actions, reactions, fears and emotions.

In the moment. Every moment. We cannot stress this enough, for it is in the moment that all creation lies. Thus, being conscious in the moment, you can begin to stop old patterns and start replacing anything that does not serve your movement forward towards Oneness. If it creates more Separation, then it is of the world. If it creates more Oneness, then it is of the higher realms where Divine Love is all there is.

Awaken to the illusion. We encourage you to spend more time in nature. Explore the beauty around you. Enhance your life by expressing your creative powers, for the core essence of who you are is a creator being. And from your core, which is your “inner heart,” your “Divine Flame” you are Pure Love. Uncover the true you, ask for Guidance to the right message, a book, an understanding, a knowingness to help you understand YOU much more. As you move closer to Oneness, you will experience more remembrance. These resurfaced memories of your True Core will lead you to more joy, inner peace, happiness, bliss, empowerment and all the things you desire for your upliftment.

Study the lives of other humans who have reached this state of Oneness and bliss, especially those within the past 100 years. They too struggled with the human experience, such as you in these modern times. Look at their history and the choices they made to overcome the obstacles in their life. Pay attention to how they spent their days and nights. Choose their habits that seem beneficial to you. Try it on and if it fits, keep it. Then try on something else they did and so on until you have created the inner life that fits who you want to be.

This will entail facing fears and finding hidden beliefs that are no longer serving you.

There is no haste, for in the essence of all, there is no time. Pace yourself, adding fun and relaxation to each step of the journey. Work with the goal of Oneness as you let go of the comparisons and judgment that create more Separation.

We wish you well and do hope that you will continue to join us for the Celestial Gatherings. You cannot fathom the power and impact that all of you, when gathered together with your own mighty Heavenly Helpers, is creating during these personal and global gatherings. Gather together in numbers with the intent for upliftment of yourselves and all life on Gaia. For there is tremendous power when two or more are gathered in one accord. As most of you know, these gatherings are just as powerful whether you meet in person or connect through your hearts from a distance.

We love you beyond measure.

The Masters

Dictated by Theresa Crabtree. You have permission and are encouraged to share this message in its entirety with all who have ears to hear.

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