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Message from the Masters: Oneness

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
October 16, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are pleased to have communion with you for the purpose of healing yourselves individually, as well as collectively. Many of you have the concept of “we are one,” but few have had the true experience of this. Thus, the more you release the concerns of the world and move towards union with your Higher Self, the easier it will be to make this “leap of faith” and begin to experience this Oneness.

Until you experience the Oneness, you will continue to live as separate beings. As you can see by what is happening around you, the belief in separation creates much angst within oneself and between all of you. If you truly understood the nature of Oneness, you would be hard-pressed to judge another or to do them harm in any way. For then you would truly understand the meaning of “what you do to another, you do unto yourself.”

Until you reach this understanding and experience of Oneness, you can practice by becoming more mindful of your actions towards others as well as your interactions with others. Pay attention to your thoughts, words and actions and stop to think, “Would I say this to myself? Would I want someone to say this to me? Would I do this to another or want them to do this to me?”

Think before you speak or do actions, if it is in not in alignment with who you want to be or how you wanted to be treated, then think again and act accordingly. We could offer much on this topic, but will save that for a later date.

At this time, we wish to remind you of our “90 Day Challenge” that was offered to you this past Equinox. The challenge is to set aside time each day during the remainder of this season to go within. Specifically, look at areas in your life that feel off balance. Pay attention throughout the day to times when something happens that “pushes your buttons” and gets you emotionally riled up.

Go within and ask for assistance to be shown how to release any unresolved emotions from past traumas and hurt. Have the courage to face your fears and walk through them, releasing anything that no longer serves you. Ask to be shown any limiting beliefs held in your psyche. Then look closely, with a higher perspective and release those beliefs that are holding you back.

As you release these emotions, fears and limiting beliefs, fill the void with the Divine Love that will now flow more freely throughout your energy field. Express gratitude more often and spend more time looking for the beauty and the good that surrounds you. Vow to express gratitude, peace and love, so that it ripples forth from you.

Make this a daily practice and we can assure you that when the next season arrives, you will notice quite an upliftment within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. For those just now beginning the practice, we challenge you to experience this exercise for 90 days.

During this time, begin to explore the possibilities of any uplifting changes you wish to make in your life. Call on your Higher Self and Spirit Team for guidance on what is in your best interest. Then ask to be guided

in how to co-create these goals into reality.

You are a powerful creator and your roots are from a higher foundation of love that you cannot fathom. Work towards uniting consciously with your Higher Self. The more you work together, in tandem, the more you will be able to express the desires you wished to experience before you incarnated during this lifetime.

You have the potential to do much good, just by expressing unconditional love and anchoring peace. Thus, these are goals well worth striving for.

Be love always, all ways!

Metatron and the Masters


** Dictated by Reverend Theresa Crabtree
Please share with those who have ears to hear.
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  1. Enoch peter

    Very interesting and inspiring. The Lord is your strength

  2. Anne Mulhearn

    Helpful reminder as I was just thinking I have done less as of late to channel and be with my higher self.

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