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Many of my clients are having a hard time grappling with family, friends, loved ones and co-workers who exhibit narcissistic traits.

As a response to their needs, I am creating a page on my website devoted to NARCISSISM RESOURCES.

You are encouraged to send me the names of books, videos and other resources that have helped you to deal with these people.

Submit your top resource choices by using the Comment Section on my website:

Your input will be invaluable to many!

Hope you will join us in the ethers on the 10th!
Blessings, Theresa


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  1. Annika

    I have two people that are really big on the topic of narcissism. The first one is Dr Ramani. She made it her life focus to deal with and also treat narcissists, to expose their strategies and to help deal with them.
    The second one is a diagnosed narcissist, self-aware and he teaches about narcissism as a professor of psychology. He exposes his “own kind” and also treats narcissists as part of his profession, gives many lectures about the topic and exposes weak spots of narcissists. Prof Sam Vaknin
    These two are already great resources. Both professionals in their field, one from experience and later psychology education and the other one is a therapist and made it her focus to educate about narcissists. She has many helpful videos on her channel with practical advice and strategies.

    1. admin

      Thank you, Annika. I will add both of them to the Narcissism Resources page!

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