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New You

New You
Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
January 10, 2010

Greetings Dear Ones,

As you enter into this new year and new decade, as time is recorded on earth, we encourage you to focus on creating a “new you.” This is the You that is aware of your spiritual roots. Allow your New You to start each day with gratitude for these few moments, while in physical form, the ability to express Divine Love. Throughout the day, mindfully do the same, no matter what circumstances are presented to you.

As an Ambassador of Divine Love, a physical aspect of your Higher Self, there is nothing within you except Divine Love. Accept and acknowledge that God ~ Source ~ Creator is All Things, both manifest and in etheric roots. There is nothing that God is not. There is no human that God is not. For God resides within you.

What does this mean? This means that you are God, a hologramic aspect of God. There is no separation between you and God. Although you do not have the full abilities that God has, because of the nature of your incarnation and your lack of full recall of who you are. Some who read this have been blessed to experience moments of “Oneness with All.” Yet, even with this revelation, one quickly reverts to Separation, failing to truly remember how connected you are to every thing as well as every living, conscious being.

Earth was a place that was initially designed to physically experience “Heaven” or Divine Love while in a physical body or setting.

Yet through time, more wanted to go deeper into the experience of feeling “Separation from All.” This was allowed and even encouraged, for as creators, there is nothing more satisfying than to expand one’s capabilities, knowledge and experiences.

As you are aware, things have gone a bit too far, making it harder for all humans to remember the Oneness. This is why there is so much strife. Your role is to remember your connection to All and to anchor Divine Love while on earth. This is a simple task, yet can become monumental when your energy field is filled with all sorts of things that appear to be otherwise. We understand that physical, mental and emotional pain is a huge distraction.

Understand that this pain is of your own doing. Yes, at times you may have been a victim who did not know how to avoid the pain. However, this is not true in this moment. Thus, it is up to you, from this moment forward, to express yourself from this pain or to rise above it.

If you are physically disabled, do what you can to understand the emotional roots that set this pain into motion.

In the meantime, you can do much sitting right where you are at this moment. This is called “prayer, meditation, quiet time,” etc. Many Masters of Light are sitting here, twiddling their thumbs and chomping at the bit because they want to assist. But they cannot move forward unless you request them to do so.

If you could see how antsy some of your Higher Selves and Spirit Teams are, it would affect you greatly. For while you are whining about not knowing what to do, you have caught yourself up in a role of inaction. If you can truly connect with your Higher Self through your heart chakra, you will see there is much more that you can do in each moment, no matter where you are, what you are doing or who you are with.

Begin to eliminate the distractions of people, places and things that pull you away from concentrating on your True Roots and from expressing your Divinity.

Focus each moment on expressing Love. You will find it difficult with some people and experiences to express Divine Love. We understand this. But there is no reason, other than ignorance or resistance, that will stop you from expressing Love, on whatever level you are capable of in this moment.

There is much more we could say on this topic and will express at other times through this channel. However, for today, we encourage the New You to set time aside and go within. Focus on connecting with your Higher Self through your heart center, asking that any blocks you have be removed so that you can connect more clearly. Do this often. Rather than picking up the TV remote or turning on a radio that is blasting lyrics of woe and hatred, tune into your Higher Self instead. Rather than going onto social media sites and hooking up with all the things that are wrong in the world, hook up with your Higher Self.

When you awaken from sleep and as you doze off into slumber, focus your attention on your heart center with the intention of having clear communication with your Higher Self. What else is of more importance to you at this time? As you weigh this level of importance, release what is of lesser importance or interest and utilize that time to connect with your True Roots and ask for Guidance to replace them with things that are of greater importance to you.

At the same time, spend moments doing the same as you hook into the Consciousness of All that Is.

Keep in mind that the “Creator” allows you to choose whatever you wish to experience. The Creator is not as “tuned in” or desirous of specific things you choose as much as your Higher Self. This is similar to a huge corporation. The man at the top does not need to know every single thing each employee is doing. He expects his managers to be more tuned into the needs and antics of the employees. The Top Dog is more interested in the whole organization working together as a Team.

However, this organization chooses to allow each employee to express their own creative abilities. This is similar to how the “Creation Schools” in the higher vibrational realms operate. There is no right or wrong judgment. The main difference while incarnate as humans, is the Separation. This creates comparison, greed and all other types of Separation. When all are operating as One, there is much more order and compassion for all. This is what you may choose to strive for, remembering this Oneness so that you can express yourself, as an Ambassador of your Higher Self, who holds much more knowledge and remembrance of Divine Love than you currently do.

This is what is meant as “Ascension.”

It is simply a term to describe an awakening to remembrance that you are One with All. You are not being judged by a punitive God. What fun is that for a creative being? You are being allowed to express as you wish, although Laws are in place such as “what comes around goes around” and “what you emit, you will receive.” Thus, choose wisely. When the New You is in tandem with your Higher Self and Spirit Team, then you will KNOW what is best in every moment. But to get there, you have to clear everything out of your energy field that blocks this connection or memory to who you truly are. You are not just a “child of God” or a “sinner” or any other label you can conjure up. You are simply a being of Divine Love who is part of the All.

But to understand this, you have to consciously remove all the barriers of separation that comes while incarnating in a low density planet such as earth.

We understand that some of you have been incarnating here for a long time. We also know that many of you are experiencing earth for the first time. Yet, the experience is the same. You are being bombarded with heavy, dark energies and it will take an effort to walk around the traps around you. This is like walking through an active mine field. The good news is, your Higher Self and your inner connection has a GPS that will navigate you around the mines.

However, being the creative being that you, it is your choice if you want to navigate the mine field on your own, or with assistance. There is no judgment there. There is no finality of death. It is like a video game, if you get blown up, you can come back and play the game again. Over and over. But many of you are tired of the game. It has become tedious. Thus, at any moment, you can choose to play a different game or continue to play the same game in a different manner.

Most will play the same game over and over, not even knowing they have access to a GPS mine detector.

Your role is to show them the GPS, then let them decide whether they will use it or not. We do know that if you are not using the GPS yourself, you will have little credibility getting others to use it. You will need to walk your talk. Yet, know that you do not have the Full Picture of All that Is and before you pressure others to believe in what you believe, know that you may be leading them astray. Thus, monitor your beliefs and then portray them with your words and actions. So many walk blindly, following beliefs they created while in pain or ones that others have fed to them. Take diligent time to look at your beliefs and consciously choose which you will build your foundation upon. Release the others and watch your life take off in a direction beyond your wildest dreams.

There is much work to be done on earth.

Yet, do not forget to take time to enjoy the beauty of nature and the physical aspects that you cannot experience in non-physical planes such as touch, driving a car and petting an animal. There is so much that humans blind themselves to. Awaken, look around you and choose differently.

We love you beyond measure and look forward to the time when you commune deeper with us.

The Masters

Dictated by Theresa Crabtree.
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  1. Susan Lindsay

    Beautiful! I kept checking my email to read what the Masters wanted to convey to us. I always feel they are talking directly to me. I’m so grateful for my new life. I send love and light to all.

  2. Archana.Vishwanath.

    Dearest Theresa,
    Thank you so much for this soul elevating post.
    I am in deep gratitude to you for bringing this post for us all.
    This post is indeed helpful to build up gap we created or in ignorance developed over our many life times,to know we are all embodiments of love , that we are capable of expressing our love towards life , how joyful it’s to grow from human to divine in these moments.
    Thank you so much for encouragements, love and all grace you bring through your posts.
    Thank you Theresa.

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