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Monkey Mind Strategy

I was talking on the phone last night to one of the prison inmates who is part of the new collaboration book I released a few weeks ago.
Joe said when he can’t stop his mind from going over something over and over and over again, he came up with a way to slow and sometimes stop it. He strategy is to say to himself, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” After practicing this for a few weeks, the problem rarely happens anymore. And in many cases, he didn’t need to think about the thoughts that had plagued him the day before. They had flown the coop.
If Joe can shut off the monkey mind while in prison for 36 years, surrounded by incredible noise and danger around him 24/7, I think anyone can do it!
Being able to quiet our mind is crucial to clarity and inner peace. Find what works for you!
Have a grrreat day!

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  1. Jackie Whitney

    Love this and is very helpful for ALL the people on the planet right now being faced with many traumas and decisions.

    1. admin

      So true!

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