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Message from the Masters: March 19, 2020

Message from the Masters
Equinox Celestial Gathering
March 19, 2020


Greetings Dear Ones,

Welcome to a new season, as time is marked on your calendar. Many of you have already been visualizing the year 2020 as one of perfect sight and spiritual awakening. And so it is. Look around at recent changes and upheavals and you will see that there is not one of you who will not be affected by the current exchange of bodily fluids. Yes, one little microbe has brought the world to a door of opportunity unlike anything that has happened in the history of humankind.

This is a golden opportunity for you to face your fear of death. You are given an opportunity to look at what you hold dear to you. Your material possessions, the foods you eat, gathering together, travel, recreation, education, business… all aspects of your life are affected and open for you to scrutinize.

If you feel fear, go deeply within to look at the root of that specific fear.

See that it has no bearing on your spiritual roots as a Master of Light who is having a human experience. Focus more on your Spiritual roots and the fears will melt away.

Look deeply at each and every belief that you hold close to your heart. Most have “old tapes” that are outdated and causing more pain than gain. Ask to be shown these hidden beliefs. Release them and replace that void with energy of a higher frequency.

If you are truly desirous of ascending the ladder out of duality, now is the time to set your focus on the next rung up. First, check your ankles to see what is currently holding you back. Know that whatever is pulling you down is fully in your control to untether. There is no person or evil spirit that has power over you, unless you create a space for them through your fears and misguided beliefs.

As you focus on that next rung up, look higher and see your own I Am Presence at the top of the ladder. Tune in heart-to-heart with your Presence. Ask for assistance and to be shown the tools needed to release the burdens in your life. Call on your I Am Presence to send the right and perfect helpers for you to gain mastery in whatever way you choose to express Divine Love while in human form.

Each of you already has your “guardian angels” whom you can call upon at any time. They are with you each moment before conception through the death process. All of you have other Heavenly Helpers who are nearby to assist with whatever you choose to do… both good and bad. Choose love in all situations, if you want to move up a rung.

Many who read this are already aware and active in the healing arts, whether you are expressing your love through art, music, therapy, words, prayers or your general work. Now is the time to look within and set aside any fears while expanding your expression of Love. How can you be of service to others in a way that brings you joy? Even a smile to a stranger can be what is needed by that person, in that moment. Thus, you can express love in a multitude of ways.

What is needed at this time, more than ever is for many to anchor peace.

Peace begins within. Thus, taking time each day to focus on how you can anchor inner peace is imperative. Then, each moment, be aware of what you think, say and do… making each moment an opportunity to anchor your own inner peace on a deeper level.

You have seen from the coronavirus charts how quickly one physical microbe can affect all inhabitants on earth. One microbe of peace, kindness and love that you spread with your thoughts, words and actions also ripple forth in the same manner. Yet, this is done instantaneously, since they are not hindered by physical restraints.

Thus, make inner peace and expressions of Divine Love an important basis in your life. Although you do not need to intentionally send this energy forth from you, it can be exponentially moved through specific intentions. This means, consciously choosing to focus peace, kindness and love from your energy field outward to others.

Those you have energetic ties to will experience it first. Then those who are in close proximity to you. Take time to visualize spreading these higher vibrations out to your community. Then imagine it spreading throughout your country, then crossing borders into other countries until you have enveloped the entire earth with these loving vibrations.

Call on your I Am Presence to assist you with this. Invite the Spirit Team that works with you to assist in amplifying and sending out these expressions of unconditional love. Call on your I Am Presence to be added to all the other groups of Light Beings who are also radiating peace, kindness and love. As each of you does this, the earth will be enveloped with much higher frequencies of Divine Love which will help to transmute the heavy, dark energies that are currently pervasive.

This all starts from within. We are all connected in a way that you likely cannot fully fathom at this moment. But what one has done, all can do. There are many who have ascended out of the earth realms and even more who never incarnated on earth. Yet, we are working together as one in our various Dimensions and Realms. You are never alone or separated, although it may feel this way to you at times.

You are a part of the Source of All, which is Divine Love.

Every moment, your I Am Presence, which is you, is emitting high frequencies of Divine Love to you. Yet, your fears and disbelief create blocks so that many are only receiving a trickle of what is available. Release these blocks and allow more Divine Love to flow through you each moment.

Change your perspective about anything that brings you down. Surrender to the Christ-Self that you are and allow yourself to grow exponentially in ways you never dreamed possible. Tune into your Guidance with your Presence and Spirit Guides. Ask to be shown what changes you need to make and set them into action. Ask to be shown how you are hindering yourself and make the necessary changes.

This is a moment in history that holds the opportunity for many to release their hold on material possessions. This is a time which many have the opportunity as a collective to look at what is really important in their lives. If one does not allow themselves to go into fear and panic, much good will come from all of this.

You are already seeing how the pollution on earth is lessening. More are noticing the simple things in life such as the bird calls in the morning. More are making the best of enforced solitude. It is the busy-ness of the day that has helped many to get so far from their spiritual roots. At any time, when one chooses to sit in silence, the opportunity to go deeper within oneself and to connect with their own I Am Presence and the Source of All is greatly amplified.

Will you heed the call to go within or to be part of the pandemic that is spreading?

Always, the choice is yours.

We love you beyond measure and are here to assist those who are choosing peace, kindness and love. Call on us and we will do all in our power to assist you. But know that you also have to be an active part of any changes you wish to see within yourself.

The Masters

Dictated by Theresa Crabtree

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