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Message from the Masters: December 23, 2022

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
December 23, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

With love and happiness, we delight in these moments of communion. It is our sincere hope and desire that you will reach out to us for support in your moments of despair. We know that many of you are suffering from not only your own upsets in life, but those in your circles and all across the globe.

Be of good cheer, for much good is also happening “behind the scenes” that you are not aware of. Although at times it feels as though “the dark” is winning the war, know that “the light” far outweighs any antics of those who have removed themselves from the Source. In the end, we will all unite again.

Thus, do your best to keep your focus on those things that uplift you. There is much that you can remove yourself from in order to stay more grounded. It depends on where you choose to focus your attention during any given moment.

If you feel off balance about something, take the time to review the situation, come up with an action plan and set things in motion so that you can rebalance. Do this often so that more things do not build up. Because then, you can quickly feel overwhelmed. At that point, it becomes easy to give up and feel hopeless. You likely have already experienced this, at various levels, throughout your life.

Give yourself hope. Know that for every problem there are a multitude of solutions. If you go within and take care to keep yourself in balance, then you will avoid many situations that cause pain and sorrow. When you have inner peace and clarity, then you can trust your inner guidance, your intuition. You will also be more in tune with those of us in the higher vibrations. We see the bigger picture, whereas “the dark” cannot see beyond their lower vibrations.

We encourage you to set up a daily routine that supports your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Then carry this over into the next calendar year. What better time to start than now?

It gives us joy to assist you. However, we cannot intervene unless you call upon us. So, reach out and be prepared to do what is needed before you set off an avalanche. Then it will be much easier to avert becoming overwhelmed.

We love you beyond measure.

Metatron and the Masters

***Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings.

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