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Message from the Masters: November 23, 2022

Message from the Masters
Celestial Gathering November 23, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

Since the majority of you reside in the United States and this being the weekend focused on “thanks giving,” we would like to bring the attention of this message to one of gratitude.
Anytime that you feel low and off balance, focus onto something that you are grateful for. As that thought comes into your mind, take a few moments to deeply inhale and exhale and FEEL gratitude. You will instantly uplift yourself. Repeat this until you can pull yourself out of the slump.

Then, as you resume your day, continue to do the same. In this manner, you will retrain your brain to start paying closer attention to things that you are grateful for.

As a result, your brain will release “feel good” hormones. You will also begin to focus more on the good around you than on what normally brings you down.

Gratitude creates a high vibration, much like love, joy and bliss. Thus, if you want to uplift yourself, express, focus on and FEEL gratitude for various experiences in your life.

We challenge you to do this simple exercise today and throughout the end of Sunday. You can increase your focus by writing down things you are grateful for. After you finish the list, slowly go over each item and feel the emotions from the experience.

Keep your list handy and when you feel down in the future, pull out that list and re-experience those good-feeling emotions. Then add more things you are grateful for.

We love you beyond measure and are eternally grateful to those of you who are actively seeking “enlightenment.” Your awakening affects not only you, but those around you and expands throughout eternity.
The Masters

***Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings. For more information, visit:

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  1. Rosaleah Stickels

    This is so beAutiful, Theresa! What a lovely experience to share with my grandchildren as we prepare for the holidAys with gratitude! Thank you!💖🌹

    1. admin

      Happy to be of service! Enjoy the holidays!

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