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Message from the Masters, November 12, 2023

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
November 12, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with great joy that we commune with you at this time. We wish to comfort you in these times of trouble and emphasize that you are much more than who you think you are as a human. Do not lose sight of this, for you came to earth for a multitude of reasons and suffering was not one of them.

There is much angst among the people of earth at this time. This has been prophesized since the spoken word was invented. We are not being punished by God, we are seeing the results of eons and eons of “Not Love” choices by each human that has ever existed. For there is not one that ever went an entire life without having a strong thought, word or action that was unloving.

Let us keep the vision on what the world could be like if each person had inner peace. Let that begin within yourself. Take time now and at other times to go within and find those areas of unrest within yourself. If times in the past come to mind, explore the root cause.

Was this harm placed upon you by another? Then work to resolve the harm that you took on. We are referring to the emotions and limiting beliefs that you stored in your body and mind. Prod this event from many perspectives until you can either forgive the perpetrator or forgive yourself for your part in the incident. We understand that in many cases, especially those that happened when you were young, that indeed there was victimization going on. Even in these cases, forgiveness of the other is important for your own spiritual awakening.

When one looks behind the veil of the perpetrator, in most cases, you will find a small child within that person who was abused or had warped one’s mind into taking on limiting beliefs that created the monster within. They need your help. Forgiveness is what you can offer to them, whether they are dead or alive. For when one is able to forgive those who trespass against them, this opens the incident to love and full healing for you and the perpetrator. Where there is love, you will find peace. And is this not what you desire in your life, love and peace?

The road is often difficult to reach the full level of unconditional love, to express oneself fully as an Ambassador of Divine Love and Peace in all moments. Note how easily you get thrown off balance emotionally. Oftentimes, when one truly looks into the matter, they will find that what knocked them off balance was actually something quite trivial, especially when viewed from the whole life or soul’s perspective.

Thus, if you want to experience peace on earth, it must begin with you. Most oppressors are so blinded by the thoughts of others or their own distortions that they have lost sight of who they truly are. Be wary so that you do not follow this same path. When you see others falter, offer them love. If others come to you for advice, help them choose what gives them inner peace, with actions based on Love. When others come to gossip or spread ill will toward others, consider how you wish to represent yourself in that moment. You have several options: to listen silently, to speak out, to add more negativity to the conversation or to uplift the conversation, to walk away and such. Which will you choose?

If there is someone in your life that repeatedly speaks ill of others or fills the space with negativity, take time beforehand to choose how you wish to respond to that person, before the next incident occurs. We do hope that you will choose peace and love. For what dwells within you will expand to those in your circles and throughout your entire planet. For thoughts do not dissipate, they collect with other similar thoughts and energies. Over time, these thoughts collect into larger and larger masses of negative energy. If you are receptive, you will notice this when you go into certain areas or around certain people.

Do you wish to surround yourself with those who are focused on higher thoughts and actions or those of a lower nature? As an adult, much of this is up to you. We understand that one cannot remain only around positive people, for there are lower minded people within the family, community and workplace. We are referring more to those that you can avoid and how you can uplift those that you cannot avoid. Take time to consider what you can do to uplift those that you cannot avoid. Image being with them and uplifting them, which can be done without a word being uttered.

You can send love without a word, you can uplift yourself without anyone knowing what you are doing, you can change your behavior, you can mind your tongue and know when it is fitting to be silent and when to speak. The goal is not to try to push anyone into changing. The goal is to change yourself. Then hopefully, you will become a role model that others choose to emulate.

You may want to take time to consider who it is that you like to be around. What qualities does this person have that attracts you to them? When a person continually speaks kindly of others, you can be more assured they will speak kindly to you and of you when not in their presence. When a person listens to you, then you will walk away feeling that you were heard. When a person offers gifts of kindness, truly not seeking anything in return, then the recipient feels more valued. We encourage you to write down the traits of others that you admire. Then, make a plan and begin molding yourself into this kind of person. Then you will find inner peace. Then you will increase self-love and love for others.

It is important to notice, then stop, when one feels they are comparing themselves to others. For this is what fosters separation. That is what fuels racism and “better than” mindsets. That’s where the fall begins. Look within to find how you categorize others in order to deem their value. Then strive to change your perspective towards them until you can find the commonality, that each one is an aspect of the Source of All. For, in reality, each conscious being, human or not, is an important aspect of the whole. Everything you think, say and do has importance when it becomes a part of your reality. Thus, if you want peace on earth, you truly have to be that peace.

We understand that staying in a peaceful place within one’s mind or physical environment can be very challenging at this time. But with practice, the more you notice when you are starting to get emotionally off balance and choose to stop that train of thought and actions… the easier it will be to stop the train and redirect yourself onto a better track. With practice, you will notice that people and events have less of a negative impact on you. Mindfulness and compassion is the path for anyone who chooses to be a Master of their life. This is the path to step out of the “karmic human cycle” that is woefully out of balance.

Thus, we again remind you to BE the change you wish to see in the world. Take time at the end of each day and review the choices you made, the words you uttered. Celebrate the times when you chose peace and love. Scrutinize the times that you fell short of your desired goal. Then make an effort to do better next time, without heaping guilt, shame or blame on yourself or others, for this will only spiral you downward.

Overall, be grateful for the challenges in your life and celebrate even the smallest victory, for gratitude will uplift you and make it easier to navigate life as a human.

Know that you are blessed always in all ways.

Metatron and the Team


*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share freely with those who have ears to hear. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings where we receive and offer cleansing healing to one another and globally.

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