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Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
November 8, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

As incidents of war and terrorism continue to rise, it is more imperative for you to remain calm and focus on remaining peaceful within in order to do your work. Whether your work is to reach many or just your close circle, it is important for you to be the one who remains steadfast.

For those of you whose intent is to ascend at the end of this incarnation, you hold more responsibility in getting your “ducks in order” and to remain grounded and centered.

We know that life on earth at this time is the hardest that it has ever been for the human race. We are in awe of those of you who have chosen to come to earth at this time. Most who are reading this have come to finish up “old business,” so it’s important not to get caught up in the drama circulating around you.

Meditation in which you are able to get centered and retain your peace is of great importance. If you currently do not take time for daily meditation and nightly review, then you are highly encouraged to look at where you spend your time that has less value instead.

It is also important to spend your time in deep gratitude for the Creator and “heavenly host” who assist you and allow this earth experience to even be a possibility. You chose to come here. You knew it would be difficult. Now, connect deeply with those who are here to assist you (on earth and in the heavens) and you will be better equipped to navigate around the “mind bombs” and physical distractions.

Make your sanity and inner peace a top priority. For while in a peaceful state of mind, one has more clarity. This clarity will assist you in tuning into your intuition and personal guides so that you can make the best decision that is in alignment with your life plan.

The more you are in tune and looking within and upward for Guidance, the more you will navigate around the pitfalls. Make time to fill yourself with joy and bliss. This will help you to not get stuck in the mud, which is very deep right now.

Take time to do what uplifts you and fills your heart with joy. Notice the beauty of nature. Ponder on the wonders of the universe. These will take you back to the love of the Source of All. The only love that is truly abiding. Second to that is true self love and honoring the “Higher Self” who initiated your earth experience.

Ask yourself, “What can I do to honor my Higher Self today?” Then follow through. Be mindful of your words, your thoughts and choose your actions wisely. For not only will they affect you, but they will ripple out from you and affect others.

You have power beyond measure. Learn to tap into it and ask for Guidance on how best to serve others. Yet, we remind you to also spend time and energy filling your own needs. For once you are depleted, you will go into a negative state of mind and then become part of the problem. So, nourish yourself with foods that energize you. Surround yourself with people who are uplifting. Say “no” to people, places and events that sap you of joy.

Then fill your awake moments doing what uplifts you. This is what you came to do. You are here for some specific experiences. But mainly you are here to be an expression of your Highest Self, walking in awareness and knowing that all that truly matters is being an expression of Divine Love.

Ask yourself each morning, “What will I do today to spread Divine Love?”

We love you beyond measure!

Metatron and the Masters.

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings.

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