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Message from the Masters Oct 14, 2023

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
October 14, 2023

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with great pleasure that we commune with you at this time. We know there is much turbulence in the world that is of growing concern to most of you. We wish to remind you to stay within your own circle of family, friends, acquaintances and project. Those without are to be of less concern to you. There is much that is totally out of your control. Do not let those factions rob your peace, love or inner beauty.

Pray for others who are suffering, but do not go into the suffering with them. Pray for those who oppress others, but do not have oppressive thoughts towards them. In these cases, you will just be adding more energy to the very thing you would like to see eradicated.
Most of you have more than you can deal with in your own circles. This is where you can do the greatest good. Role model peace, unconditional love, kindness, forgiveness and such. That in itself is a full-time effort for most humans.

Consider yourself to be an energetic acupuncture needle. Allow your light and Divine Love to anchor wherever you are in that current moment. If you have inner peace, allow that peace to expand outwards. In those moments that you feel tuned in with Divine Love, willfully expand that love outward to bathe anyone in its path.

There is much you can do simply by monitoring your thoughts, words and actions. Keeping them in alignment with Divine Love is the most important action you can perform each moment. Focus on gratitude. Heighten your beliefs. Know what is Truth for you. Then let the rest fall away.

Remember that other people’s opinion of you is just that, their opinion. Know that what another believes is just that, their belief. There are no two people on earth who have identical beliefs in all areas of their life. Rather than butt heads with those of differing beliefs or opinions, reach for solidarity through commonality. Agree on the common areas and be thankful for the diversity of thought within the differences. You did not come to earth to be a paper cut set of dolls. Earth is a place of great beauty and designed to experience diversity.

How boring would it be if everyone looked the same, dressed the same, ate the same and only talked about subjects that you are knowledgeable in? It wouldn’t be long before you would be screaming for diversity. We know, because there are many races that have genetically modified themselves to be more in common. Now they wish they had their diversity back and had not lessened their emotional responses. There is beauty in emotions, whether they are on the happy or sad end of the scale. Emotions are the instigators and motivators for progress. Even failure is a motivator for progress.

Get back into the “human game” with gusto, remembering your True Roots as a hologram of Divine Love. The best game in town is the awakening process. It’s totally free, with unlimited minutes and the rewards are quite tremendous. Enjoy the conflicts, because they are the motivators to keep moving forward. When there are no conflicts, one becomes lazy or bored. Both of these are killers of joy. So, stay focused on what uplifts you and avoid giving your attention to the craziness that is not part of your selected game. Choose the game of life, focused on the rewards as you climb up your ascension ladder. Don’t let the distractors pull you down. Ignore them and keep climbing.

See you at the top!
Metatron and the Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Share freely with those who have ears to hear. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings.

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