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Message from the Masters Sept 25, 2022

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
September 25, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

It gives us greatest pleasure to commune with you at this time. It is our hope that you will call upon us from time to time to exchange loving thoughts and receive our encouragement.

Many of you still have a sense of lack and separation, feeling unworthy to call upon us for assistance. Most have blocks and feelings of unsurety that you are able to communicate with us. We would like to dispel these myths.

We are all one in the Grand Picture of all things. Those of us who have ascended the trials and tribulations of many lives on earth are well equipped to assist you. No matter is too small to ask for guidance. We have walked your paths and experienced the pain and troubling thoughts that you have.

Although it may look bleak on earth right now, know that you can do much to uplift the earth and her inhabitants. There is no better way to do this than to focus your thoughts, words and actions on things that are uplifting. The more gratitude and compassion you can muster, the more of this you will spread like radio waves. The best news is that this is free and you don’t need training!

Simply set the goal towards creating more inner peace in your life. Set aside time each day to quiet your mind and feel gratitude for the blessings in your life. Work towards feeling gratitude for even the rough patches, for these can be your greatest teachers.

When a person is complacent and all is going well, then often materialism sets in. One spends more time in recreational activities and doing mundane things. But it is the crisis that pushes one into action. These actions then push one towards looking within for direction and outside themselves in search of Heavenly Helpers. In those moments, major shifts in one’s perspective is more likely to occur.

So, bless the trials and tribulations as well as the blessings. No matter what steps you take on your Life Path, eventually one will return to Source. This has to be since Source is all-inclusive. Thus, it isn’t a matter of finding one’s way home. It is more a matter of realizing that in this moment, you are home. You are where you chose to be in this moment.

Anything that feels off balance is worthy of some inner reflection. As you quiet your mind and go within, you will have more clarity. In these moments, you will find it easier to receive messages and intuitive thoughts from your Higher Self and the Masters. Then muster the courage to make the changes that are needed in order to find balance and joy in each moment.

Have you ever watched someone singing while doing mundane chores such as the dishes or sweeping a floor? In those moments, the person is connected and at peace. This often happens while one’s mind is in a relaxed state. The goal is to have these experiences each moment. When things are not going as planned, then let go of your expectation for a specific outcome. Then the magic can happen. For oftentimes, one’s prayers are answered in ways that are unexpected.

It is better to expect things to happen in mysterious ways rather than trying to force the Heavenly Helpers to bring you something in one particular manner.

When you send out your prayers, various Heavenly Helpers jump into action to assist you in manifesting your desires. You may express a specific outcome and there is nothing wrong with this. However, the spirit helpers have a much broader scope and understanding of all that is available to set your goals in front of you. Each of you are creative beings.

There is nothing that a Heavenly Helpers likes more than to use its own creativity to wow you with something that arrives synchronisitically. Think back to times when your prayers were answered in unusual ways. Remember the smile on your face and the wonderment and joy you experienced when your prayer was answered.

It is similar to getting a present for Christmas that you didn’t expect… and was beyond your expectations. What joy is received by both the giver and the receiver. So, set your intentions, have goals in mind, then let go of any expectations on how the opportunities and goal will arrive.

When we say, “enjoy the journey,” this is what we have in mind. Allow the gifts to come to you in mysterious and synchronistic ways. Have the expectation that all is well. Then let go of all other expectations.

We love you beyond measure.

Metatron and the Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please join us for future Celestial Gatherings. There you will receive a personal cleanse and participate in a group global cleansing. Invite your friends to join us. What more important work is there to do? Where two are more are gathered with one thought, true magic will happen!

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