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Message from the Masters 091720

Message from the Masters
September 17, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are grateful indeed for those of you who are taking time to consciously connect with us. There is much we can do when we work in tandem. Many of us have walked the earth, for many lifetimes, experiencing the same pain and hurt that you have experienced. We know your pain and we hear your prayers.

Understand that due to Free Will, your “soul contracts” before birth, any fears you hold onto and limiting beliefs you adhere to are what keeps us from fulfilling many of your requests. You see, we have to honor the wishes of your Higher Self that has created you. If you are blocking the flow of Divine Love, then that lessens the energy and blessings we can bestow upon you.

Most block our ability to assist because of one’s own choices.

If you ask to be delivered from physical pain, then you must release the emotional trauma that caused the energy block… for that in turn has created the physical dis-ease.

Many ask for help with issues for the mental body, such as depression and anxiety. Yet, you must first uncover the underlying issues that created the imbalance. We cannot take your depression away when you remain fixated on something that you have not resolved within yourself. We cannot resolve these issues, for you must be the one to let them go, to forgive, to allow, etc.

The greatest problem with many has to do with the expectations and judgments you place on others. When others do not perform or respond in a way that you expect, you allow it to upset you. Then when you become fixated on this, it can quickly become a downward spiral of negativity. Make a plan of action to stop yourself from creating the problem in the first place.

When others place expectations upon you that are against your will, then politely bow out and let them know that their expectation is not part of your reality. If they “bite” you, then “turn the other cheek” by stating that you honor their opinion, but that their opinion is not in alignment with your reality. Then walk away as gracefully as you can from the situation.

Keeping your inner peace is a must.

Watch for pitfalls that you can avoid. Before delving into another’s business, for any reason, take time to go within to see if this is something that you are to be a part of. You will find in most cases that other people’s business is not yours. Allow them to be who they are and to make their own choices. If those choices are not in alignment for your greater good, then walk away.

We know this is hard for many of you, but co-dependency runs rampant. Oftentimes, it is easier to see what is “wrong” with others and want to keep them from suffering. Sometimes you can do this. But if the other person resists, then back away. Let them know your offer is still available and if they want your assistance, they can come to you. Pushing your beliefs, knowledge or anything on another will only cause dissention. Sow your seeds without expectations.

We wish to remind you to go within daily for Guidance and support.

Work diligently towards increasing your self-love. By all means, use a shield of protection around your energy field. Re-energize it every morning and anytime you are around people, places or in situations where the energy feels dense. For those of you who have never experienced the SoulCleanse you can find a powerful auric shield at:   Click on the box “How to Protect Your Energy Field.”

Gratitude is of utmost importance to help raise your energy field. No matter what is happening, look and dwell on the good in the situation, rather than the negative. Stop repeating your negative stories that bring others down. There is enough negativity floating in the ethers and on the internet to kill a cow in an instant. Be wary of where you place your thoughts, words and actions. Unless you are an activist, bringing positive solutions, then keep away from the news that the Dark Forces are propagating.

The Dark Forces know that their days are numbered if enough Lightworkers anchor love and peace on earth. Those who are bringing others to the Light are a threat. Those who are actively engaged with the Masters of Light are the biggest threat of all. Thus, you can expect to be a target. Be watchful, for the enemy is sly and many are gaining strength in their ability to fool those who are not discerning. You need not be afraid, but do be wary. The more you empower yourself, the less likely you will fall.

The more you are in tune with your Higher Self, your personal team of Light Beings and with one or two select Masters, the better equipped you will be to master your own life, as well as be of significant assistance to others who are awakening.

We do wish to offer a warning, for many of you have been led astray by those who have been introducing a multitude of angels and other helpers, especially through card decks. When you pray, call on your Higher Self and your personal team and allow them to call in their soldiers of Light.

Many are calling in multitudes of angels and masters who do not even exist. The Dark has fooled many and when they can get a human to call on one who is masquerading as an angel, it is easier to lead that person astray. Doreen Virtue is one example of this game. Although her intentions were good, she was duped by the dark and it led to her downfall financially. Although there is good in that, because it caused her to stop mid-stream and reassess her life. As a result, she has fully changed her course. So, we emphasize the importance of being discerning and especially to be watchful who you “call in” for assistance.

You do not need to call in legions of angels. Rather, call in your Higher Self and your specific Team. In turn, they will call in their own legions. In this way, it will be less likely that you will inadvertently align with the Dark. This is especially true if you are experiencing thoughts being projected from outside entities. And most especially if you are still engaged with mind-altering drugs, alcohol and nicotine, as well as being emotionally off balance.

You must be vigilant and “test the spirts” until you are fully in alignment with your Higher Self.

For in reality, you are one. You are a physical ambassador of your Higher Self who came to earth to anchor Divine Love while in physical form. That is the highest goal you can attain. If you make the grade in this lifetime, you will ascend out of the duality consciousness. Then you will merge with our unity mind which will make you more powerful than you can currently fathom.

You truly are not becoming a Master. You are already a Master who is slowly remembering your True Self. Waken and join us consciously, for we can only do so much for all of you. We must be asked by a human in order to help humans to awaken and to dispel the Dark Forces from the earth.

Awaken. Ask. Unite. Then together we can restore earth to its original goal, as a place to experience Heaven on Earth while in physical form.

We love you beyond measure.

Be love, always. All ways,
Metatron and the Masters

Dictated by Reverend Theresa Crabtree
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