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Message from the Masters Sept 10, 2022

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
September 10, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

Again, it is our honor and pleasure to commune with you in this moment. We do hope that you will continue to call on us for advice and assistance in the coming days during your times of inner reflection.

We cannot over emphasize the importance of meditation as a means of communion and daily reflection of your thoughts, words and actions. Those of you who aspire to ascend out of the karmic wheel of reincarnation will need to do these things quite often. How can you know where you are going unless you review and pay attention to the map? Even your most sophisticated GPS monitors the journey from Point A to Point B. Thus, tuning in to be sure you do not falter far from the course is critical, especially during longer journeys where you have not explored before.

There is much that you can do on your daily walk to uplift yourself. Monitor your thoughts, words and actions. When you feel off balance, take time to discover why this is so. Release the energy that no longer serves you. This in turn will reset the GPS, which is the synapses in your brain, altering the path to your chosen destination.

Take time often to explore some of the historical markers and scenic sites along your path. These will give you times to rejuvenate your energy, much like gassing up your automobile. Many feel guilty while exploring things that are not “spiritual” or part of their life purpose.

We ensure you that not one of you planned to come to earth and not enjoy its beauty and variety. In fact, that is one of the reasons why many have flocked to earth in the first place, for there is no grander physical showcase in your universe. Sometimes one must take the “good” with the “bad,” for we know that earth is also one of the harshest physical planets.

But this need not be so. Earth has lowered its vibration due to the interactions of humans and other dimensional beings who’ve gone a bit far in their exploration of “not-love.” Earth was designed to house this type of experience.

Nothing is unrepairable. All is well from the perspective of “the One,” for co-creative abilities and the gift of Free Will are allowed. Just know that there are parameters in place for this experiment to go only so far.

There are many benevolent Beings who are monitoring and helping the human race to evolve. But they can only go so far and will not interfere with one’s chosen course. The Spirit Beings closest to you will nudge you from time to time, but they will not fix all your problems or do a multitude of miracles to get you out of hot water. That would foster co-dependence and will ensure you another round of human incarnations.

Rather our role is to help Guide and work with those who are empowering themselves. It does get hard at times to discern what is true and what is false. However, when one does their inner work and makes the communion with their “Higher Self” and Spirit Team a priority, this discernment, which you call “intuition” is heightened. That is why we continue to send you methods of healing so that you can release the fears and find the limiting beliefs that block you from your desired goals.

There are many who have blocked their energy from the natural flow of Divine Love. Their agendas are well-known and for some, their plans are quite insidious. But we offer you solace in knowing that you still have much sovereignty over your own thoughts, emotions and creative abilities. Thus, expressing your Free Will to uplift yourself can keep you busily occupied in your awakening plans and exploration of earth. The choice is always yours: how you will choose to act, react, inact or redact in any given situation.

When tuned in with your Higher Self and Spirit Team, you will find it easier to make choices that lead to your upliftment. When one moans and groans about their lot in life, they would be wise to first do some serious inner reflection to see just how many of these problems they created. There may have been abusers in the past that they could not stop, especially when a young child. But, if one is an able-minded and able-bodied adult, one must look at what they can do for themselves first. Then reach out for support. However, it is important to understand that the Heaven Helpers of Light will wait for you to initiate the choices and begin the changes needed to rechart your course.

Just like the GPS monitor, it will not rechart one’s course unless a new destination is programmed. One must make a decision, then act on it before given the information and assistance to lead them to the new destination. Thus, it is important to monitor your course daily in order to move closer to one’s destination.

What is it that you wish to attain in your life? What gives you pleasure? What makes you smile? What makes life worth living? Add more of these into your daily existence. Then take one step at a time to reach your specific goals. Do not be overly concerned about making “wrong” decisions, for every decision has blessings and learning challenges. It is better to take a few steps off your course than it is to spend your life standing in the middle of the path, wringing your hands, afraid to take a step in any direction.

Life is about exploration, so allow yourself to explore various options. When you have made choices in which you have outcomes that don’t suit you, make another choice. Life is much like the medical industry. Many make jokes how doctors “practice” medicine. Yet, there is truth in that. For medicine is mainly about “ruling out” possibilities. Then taking chances to try different options to increase one’s health.

Life is the same way. One tries various options and the wise ones “rule out” what they no longer wish to experience. Others will remain in the same pattern until they finally decide they have had enough and then begin to rechart their course. The danger lies in keep these unwanted patterns a long time, often many lifetimes, because then one gets “stuck in the rut.” All vehicles can be towed out of the rut, but it’s much easier to simply turn the steering wheel in order to chart a new course.

No matter where you find yourself in this moment, you have the ability, right now, to look at your areas where you are at the edge of “enough is enough.” Take courage and rechart your course. You take the step. You call on us for assistance. You be discerning and go within often. Then watch the magic unfold. Set aside anything or anyone that drags you down. Once you empower yourself, then others who are on a similar course will pass your way. Have a chat or a spot of tea and decide whether to keep that person, situation or place as an active part of your updated reality.

Life on earth is like a stage. You are the director of your soul’s awakening. You are the playwright. You are the editor. You control the amount of lighting. You are the set designer. You choose the venue. You target your audience. You are the actor. Enjoy writing your script, allowing for plenty of ad lib, for with so many souls and opportunities on earth, you will never know what is around the next corner. Don’t fear the unknown, instead, look at is as a good mystery play and with excitement, allow yourself the freedom to throw in some new lines and change the acts from inaction to action. Then it becomes much more fun. For at your core, you are a creator.

When you place your creativity on a shelf, then life becomes stagnant and overbearing. So, bring down your bottle of creative juice, dust it off, pour some in your glass with ice and enjoy the refreshment!

We love you beyond measure!

Metatron and the Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for future Celestial Gatherings!

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