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Message from the Masters: August 30, 2023

Blue Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
August 30, 2023

Blessings Dear Ones,

We are honored to be in communion in this here and now. As always, we are blessed when we can be of service to you. We know how demanding life on earth can be as a human at this juncture in time. Thus, we welcome you to call on us when you are in despair or simply needing an astral hug.

We cannot honor all your prayer requests, for they are not always in alignment for your highest good. However, we will be by your side as you deal with the hardships that come your way. The more you can align with the living flame within your heart, your connection to Source, the more you will have clarity as you walk each step of your Life Path.

Know that from your “Higher Self” perspective, all is well with your soul. Do your best to know what your highest good is and then have the courage to pursue your goals. When you get too far off your chosen Path, if you call on us, we will help you to get back on the main Path.

You know what is in your best interest when it comes to physical needs such as diet, sleep and exercise. Be diligent in staying in alignment with your body more and more. Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs at any time. Overeating and processed foods create disharmony and when you make these a part of your daily routine, it does become harder for you to listen and follow healthy eating habits. One must be diligent, for many substances that you ingest and put on your skin are addictive, toxic and can spiral you into a health crisis.

Mental stimulation is an important aspect of life as a human on earth. Pay attention to where you spend your time. Do you mindlessly wander channels and fill your mind with episodes of useless and harmful movies and tv programming? Consider the verb “to program.” The basic definition means, “a plan or system under which action may be taken toward a goal.” What is the goal of the tv programmer? To get you to take an action, which usually means to get you to watch their shows and to get you to buy a product. Without even consciously being aware, many people buy these products that they don’t need because the urge to do so has been programmed into the subconscious mind. Even more dangerous are the thoughts that are imbedded while watching these tv programs and movies.

Making pro-active choices in what you wish to program into your mind is much more to your benefit. Many humans who are awakening, state that they wish to ascend or rise above mundane life on earth. Yet, they spend hours each day in activities that simply program mindless and often evil thoughts and impulses into their mind. Review what you are programming, for as the computer phrase goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” There are countless stories of horrendous crimes being committed, even by young children who have been programmed through violent video games, movies, YouTube and television. The human mind is quite easily influenced, thus, if you wish to take control of your life and to ascend in this lifetime, you will need to monitor what you program into your mind.

You already know what is in your best interest in relation to your emotional needs: meditation, restive sleep, quiet time, daily reflection and good communication skills. Enhance your communication skills by being a good listener and only offering your opinion when it is asked for. Having conversations when you or the other are emotionally off balance is usually an unfruitful experience, often causing more harm. Take time for each party to cool off, then come together with the expectation of resolving the problem. We understand that many problems cannot be dealt this way, for many people do not have the ability or desire to be a peacemaker. In those cases, seek a mediator or counselor who can help you to view the problem from new perspective. Take charge of your life so that you can maintain clarity of thought. Then take action by BE-ing the best you can be, irregardless of how others choose to be.

You already have and know about many tools that can help to enhance your “spiritual” needs. Monitor how much time you spend each day in these endeavors. Do you feel you are moving forward in the ability to unconditionally love? Are you spending time going within to connect with your heart flame, your connection to the Source of All? Are you enhancing your physical, emotional and mental abilities so that you can be more in alignment with who you truly are? When your last breath is taken and you return to Higher Self, will you say to yourself, “Job, well done.” If not, what changes will you make in the current moment so that you are proud of you when that times comes?

We encourage you to review your activities at the end of each day. Start weeding out what does not work for you. That may include changing relationships with certain people, finding employment that suits your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals, along with the other choices already mentioned.

You cannot be all that you can be when you are too timid to express your True Self. The same is true when you cower from others or do not slay your inner demons. Do not be afraid to go within and work towards releasing old memories, hurts and behaviors that do not serve you. No matter how horrid a life circumstance was (or is) in your life, it can be overcome. Seek out others who have gone through similar life situations and now are motivated to help others. They have great wisdom to help lead you out of your self-imposed prison. We are also here to help you step-by-step.

We wish to help you to experience happiness, joy and self-fulfillment during your current sojourn in life. It will not always be a “bed of roses,” but we can assure you that those roses are always in abundance and within your grasp. Reach for them carefully in order to avoid the thorns. When you carelessly grasp those thorns, we will be there to help you heal those wounds.

We love you beyond measure, all ways and always!
Metatron and the Masters


*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share freely with those who have ears to hear. Invite others to join us in future Celestial Gatherings:



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