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Message from the Masters Aug 27, 2022

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
August 27, 2022


Greetings Dear Ones,

It is our honor to communicate with you at this time. We know that many of you are suffering hardships on a personal level. Yet, many of you are also taking on the suffering of those around you, as well as those that you will never meet “face to face.”

We wish to remind you that much of the turmoil going on in the world does not have to be part of your reality. All of the angst has its roots from human sources, going back to the first time that humans began experiencing the results of their Free Will choices. Thus, the problem has become bigger through eons of time.

You will not on an individual basis be able to stop all the suffering in the world. Even in small groups or massive groups, suffering will continue until the moment that all humans fully awaken and decide to experience only Divine Love.

Although in the realm where we, the ascended Masters reside, we experience mainly Divine Love. However, it is not until all souls from all universes return to the Sea of the Source that all suffering will end. We do not see that happening during your current human lifetime.

So, what is a human to do? We suggest you learn to enjoy the journey. Spread love and goodwill from your inner self and extend it outward to those in your circles. Mentally, you can send love and goodwill to all of earth and her inhabitants and beyond. When you do so, first fill yourself with love and inner peace. Then send the love with no expectations or any type of judgment. Send it to all, for those that you may choose not to send love to are likely the ones who need it the most.

Retract your focus from the evils of earth. If you find that you are emotionally off balance when you read the newspaper, watch the news or talk with others about “negative” events, withdraw yourself from these experiences. Then get your mind into a state of inner peace. While in this state of mind, you can begin to remember your True Roots… that you are a Spirit Being having a human experience. When you can remain in this state throughout the day, your perspective will change. As your perspective changes, so will your behaviors. You will then not get so caught up in the “unreality” of the human experience.

As you rise above the illusion, this offers you the ability to see things from a different perspective. Then you can begin to see yourself as an Ambassador of Divine Love. Each morning, review ways you can express Divine love. Each evening, review your actions of the day. Celebrate the moments you met your goal. For the moments that you missed the mark, plan ways to act or react differently when the next similar situation arises. Continue with this until it becomes your first nature. Those who do so, may find with their last breath that they have ascended the “wheel of karma.” Then you will join the ranks of the Ascended Masters.

Only a few will attain this goal. You could be one of those few if you believe, choose that goal and then diligently work to make it so.

Remember that life on earth is fleeting. Just the “blinking of an eye” when it comes to the life of your Soul. Thus, do your best to make Divine Love a priority in your life. One does not need a guru to do this, for mastery comes in the current moment with the choices that you make. Therein lies the power, in the current moment. Do you believe that in this current moment you can erase a nasty word that you uttered three years ago? Do you believe that in this current moment you can refrain from saying a nasty word in a specific moment three years from now? Do you even have a guarantee you will be in human form three years from now?

Thus, the power lies in the current moment. Enjoy that moment and choose to be the best that you can be. The more you do this, the more likely you won’t say nasty words in the future. It is not a guarantee that you won’t, but your chances will lessen. Then even if you do lash out with nasty words in the future, when it is no longer part of your first nature, it will be easier to forgive yourself, apologize to others, release that energy and move forward with a glad heart. Part of that gladness will come as a result of your realization that you have mastered the attachment you had to saying nasty words as a response to something you found upsetting in that moment.

While reviewing your daily activities over an extended period of time, you will come to even greater heights. You may come to realize that the nasty word isn’t nasty at all, only the utterance of a sound. You may come to realize that it is the emotions that were nasty, perhaps purposely stated with nasty words in order to intentionally hurt another… or to keep yourself down, feeling you are less than Divine Love. You may also come to even more important “aha” moments and get to the root cause of what caused the imbalance within you in the first place.

Thus, to come full circle, each experience that causes suffering or harm to oneself or others will be found to be a reflection of something that is off balance within one’s energy field. Use these experiences of suffering to find where you have created a lack of Divine Love either within yourself… or projecting a lack of Divine Love onto others. For the truth is all of us are Beings of Divine Love at our root core. We have just decided to play the game of “polarity,” by choosing to come to a realm where we can experience “not love.”

Those who are tiring of the game have the opportunity in each moment to make choices based in Divine Love or choices based in “not love.” You have that choice each moment.

As you look at the suffering around you, also recognize that when there is stress in one’s life, they are more likely to look within to find a better way. When life is good and abundance surrounds the unawakened human, there is little to no incentive to look within to awaken. In this case, it is easier to make the material world one’s master. So, shift your perspective and see the blessing that is offered within the turmoil.

If you choose to awaken further, focus on yourself first so that you don’t play the role of the “blind leading the blind.” Allow others to make their choices and to experience the effects of these choices. If they come to you asking to be shown a better way, offer them what you have experienced. But do not become attached to whether they listen to you or not. Rather, be a beacon of light, a role model, for those who are lost in the dark. Then your place with the Masters will be guaranteed, whether or not anyone else climbs the ladder with you.

Do not despair, for in the Big Picture, all is well. Now, what shall you do with the rest of the time that you have on earth? Start with this moment, being more conscious of your choices and actions. Then continue to build upon your innate birthright, that you are a Being of Divine Light who chose to spend a few years as a human in a rather dark area of the universe. Be part of the Dark… or hold a flashlight to see your path better… or BE the Light and illuminate the Path for yourself and others.

What will you choose in the next moment?

We love you beyond measure!
Metatron and the Masters.

** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with others. Join us for the upcoming Celestial Gatherings! For more information visit:

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