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Message from the Masters: August 15, 2023

New Moon Celestial Gathering
Message from the Masters
August 15, 2023


Greetings Dear Ones,

We are honored once again for this time of conscious communion with you. We invite you to tune in more often with us for inspiration and guidance. We love to be of service to you, for that is what brings more meaning to our lives. For without expressions of love, what is left? Nothing, no thing. For love is truly all there is.

We are not speaking of love as it is misused in the earthly languages. We are speaking of Divine Love, that which all of you were “birthed” from. The understanding of Cosmic Love, God, Source or whatever name you wish to call it is beyond the scope of any mortal being. It is also beyond the scope of many non-mortal beings. For the understanding of “All that Is” is truly hard to grasp, especially the way that the human mind operates.

Yet, the ability to experience Divine Love lies within you. Everything that you  truly need resides within you. You will never know all that is, for parts are shielded from you. This was made necessary in order to play the “human game.” It is our wish that you could see your life and all that happens on earth as a “virtual reality game.” Then it may be easier for you to understand the rules.

There are main rules such as the expression of one’s conscious will, the law of cause and effect and many other factors, depending on what you created as part of your Life Plan. Within those rules and your self-imposed boundaries, you have many options, just as one does with a well-written video game program. If you do this, then that might happen. You have access to various portals, some easily reached and others hidden. You may win prizes. You will fail more than you win. After a few repeated fails, you will learn how to get around them. Along the way, you may “die” many times. After death, you can return your character to a point before your death and make different choices. You can choose to be another character, you can play a different game. Or you may choose turn off the gaming device and do something totally different. Thus, during life and after life, there are many options available. It’s really not that different in the “real” world.

It is when one becomes attached to the game that the problems begin. Just as a gamer may easily become addicted to the game, so the human may easily become addicted to various aspects of one’s life. To win the game or the round, the gamer needs to continue playing, no matter how many setbacks and frustrations one encounters. The same is true in “reality.” If something isn’t working in your life, instead of going down the same hallways or portals, choose something different. If that doesn’t work, then choose again. Humans tend to remain focused on one outcome, often not seeing the blessings that can lead to something better.

Ask yourself, how do I want to play my life game? What isn’t working? What better choice can I make that may lead to a more inspiring outcome? What is the goal of the game? What is worth dying for? Spend time considering your death. When you die, you leave all worldly possessions behind. You leave behind the people, animals, goals, aspirations, everything. Look at who or what you are so attached to that might keep you clinging to the earth realm after death.

If you are ready to transcend the earth plane, then all attachments must be cut. This does not mean that you can’t enjoy people, animals, material items or events. You are encouraged to engage in human life completely, while here. Yet, be ready to leave all behind when it is time for you to return “home.” Know that no matter what happens, all will be in Divine order when you leave.

Whenever there is emotional upset, you will find three main things out of balance. First has to do with unfulfilled expectations that you have placed on others or yourself. Look closely at your expectations whenever you feel off balance. Also be mindful of making your life choices based on the expectations or assumed expectations of others. You did not come to earth to fulfill other people’s expectations. Dare to express yourself in a way that brings more love, gratitude, sharing and fulfillment into your life. Then be ready to let it all go when it is time for you to return “home.”

Another element of emotional upset comes when one feels blocked from their intention. Look at your strong intentions in regards to obtaining love from another person, work, material objects, rewards, etc. Many times, humans block themselves due to fear or misguided reasons. Other times the intention may be blocked from other persons (consciously or not) and circumstances. How attached are you to the outcome? How far will you push this intention onto others or yourself? Are you being reasonable in pursuit of this intention? Are you staying within your own moral codes in trying to obtain this intention? How valuable is this intention at the moment of your death or the other person’s death?

The third aspect of emotional upset has to do with communication. Earth language is very watered down and polluted. This is especially true when using devices in which one cannot see each other’s body language or the inflections in their voice.

When you are in the throes of emotional upset while attempting to communicate with others, reflect upon the importance of winning that argument, making that statement, saying those words. If you died in the next moment, what importance would that conversation have been?

It is worth your time and effort to develop good listening skills. Know when to be silent and how to express yourself clearly, with the courage to speak your truth. Everyone wants to feel heard. So, listen. Everyone wants to be able to speak their truth. Allow them to do so, while you do the same.

Death can come at any moment. Before another person dies, ask yourself, what would I like to have told him/her? Consider when you die, ask yourself, what will I wish I told him/her? Good communication fosters love and respect.

If you wish to be an ambassador of love and peace while on earth, then let your light shine each moment. Pay attention to your expectations, your intentions and your communication habits. Change what isn’t working for you. Then when your time comes and you get to the “Pearly Gates,” you can look back and say, “Job well done.” Then enter this new portal, ready for the next adventure.

We love you beyond measure.
Metatron and the Masters.


** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Please share with those you feel may be ready to hear the messages. Join us for the next Celestial Gathering!





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