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Message from the Masters: August 11, 2022

Message from the Masters
Full Moon Celestial Gathering
August 11, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with delight that we once again commune with you. It is our wish for you to consider just how important it is to gather with others during this tumultuous time in order to assist with the awakening that is happening on earth.

Many of you have loved ones that are on the cusp of awakening.

Yet, how can you assist them without them resisting you; that is often the concern. We suggest that you focus mainly on yourself in order to be a role model to others. You can trust that they are watching the things you say and do.

Thus, daily, meditate as a means to gain inner peace. This will help you to remain balanced no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Thus, you will have clarity on what to say and how best to respond when things go off kilter.

Use this time of meditation to find the Source of All within you. Although the Source is in every part of one’s being, there is a strong connection to the heart chakra, for that is where the electromagnetic field is strongest. Also, this is why the heart is symbolic of love. Taking time daily to tune into the energy of love of self and extend that to one’s Higher Self, the Source of All and to your chosen Masters will help to strengthen your energy field.

The more energetic blocks you release, the easier it will be for Divine Love to flow unencumbered throughout your entire being.

This energy will help to heal your body, mind and spirit. When in attunement with Beings of Light, it will be easier to discern which choices will better enhance your life as part of your chosen blueprint before you incarnated.

The more you follow or exceed your blueprint, the more you will climb the “ascension ladder” which will lead you along the same path and outcome of the other Masters who have done the same. They now reach down to help you rise higher. But you must ask for their assistance. You will also need to be sure that the Beings you call upon or listen to are from the Light. Anything less than love emanating from a Being is a sure sign that you have tapped into an imposter. So, deal only with those whose Light and Love is felt fully by you.

Each day, take time to review your day.

Congratulate yourselves on the things you accomplished that have uplifted you. For those in which you feel you need improvement, visualize ways you can act or react better when a similar situation comes up.

We know that we are repeating ourselves with some of the information in this message. That goes to show you how important this information is. Daily meditation, tuning into Source, your Higher Self and Beings of Light are all massively important for anyone who is choosing to awaken.

At this time, the amount of negativity and misinformation on a global level is staggering, much more than we have ever witnessed before. True Lightworkers sign up to come to earth at this time to help balance the Light with the Dark, with the goal of swinging the pendulum more to the side of the Light.

However, many Lightworkers have succumbed to the ways of the world, losing sight of their goals, some to the point of severe depression and suicide. We understand how difficult it is, especially for those of you who are highly empathic. Thus, it is extremely important to block as much of this negativity from your energy field as you can. It is also very important to wisely choose who you spend your time with. If there is a person who knocks you off balance, then go within and seek suggestions on how you can better deal with this person. Or it may be time to see that person less often, or not at all.

Having a quiet space in your home is also essential if you do not have the ability to be alone in nature on a daily basis.

This may mean having a sanctuary in your closet, basement or the bathroom. This is a place where others know you go to be undisturbed during your inner-flection time. Then set aside time each day to do so. If you find you are awakened in the wee morning hours, then perhaps it is us trying to help you to get back on track. Do your meditation or spiritual work at this time until you again feel sleepy.

There is much more we can say on this subject. However, for today we will leave you with this and with the promise that when you ask for our assistance, we do hear you. So, it is of utmost importance to place yourself in the position of being able to hear us. There is much we can do when communing on a deep level and walking hand-in-hand.

We love you beyond measure!

Metatron and the Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Consider joining us for the next Celestial Gathering where you are offered personal healing and a place to gather for global healing. For more information, visit:

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