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Message from the Masters: July 28, 2022

Message from the Masters
New Moon Celestial Gathering
July 28, 2022

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are honored to be of service to you during this time of Transition. As the earth goes through another cycle, each one of us continues through another cycle of life. All of earth follows cycles necessary for the evolvement of physical matter. Likewise, those whose consciousness is thus to allow for the ability to think above what is necessary for survival, also goes through many cycles while in physical form and beyond.

Any time you feel “stuck,” rather than going into depression, consider thus. This period of transition allows you time to “catch up” and to review what you have created thus far. Take time daily to go into meditation in order to gain inner peace. Make time to connect to Higher Guides a priority, for we have the ability to see what lies beyond the current moment.

In these times of inner reflection, review what is off balance in your life. Take note of the areas where you feel discord. From this angle, you can begin to formulate a plan to reach for a higher goal. Then you will find within yourself the courage and determination needed to begin to make the necessary changes.

In order to make a change, there must be a push to do so. This inner drive must be fueled in order for forward progress to be made. The question then is where to get the fuel to propel you into motion. It is not something you can obtain at the gas station. This energy must come from within or outside of you. For those who rely solely on their own energy, it is only a matter of time before it will be repleted. It is in these times that one often finds themselves feeling sluggish, needing to rest because they feel exhausted, no matter how much sleep they receive each night.

Yet, those who wish to remain energized and balanced would do well to energize themselves by tapping into the infinite source of energy, which we will call Divine Love. This energy is boundless and offered freely as a birthright to all living beings. Humans and all other conscious Beings are offered the gift of Free Will. With this gift, one is able to choose how to expend their energy and also how to replenish this energy.

For those who are able to peak beyond the Veil, one would notice that all Beings of Light have boundless energy. This is because they have little to no self-imposed blocks to Divine Love. It is similar to being plugged into an energy source. The receiving energy flows unhindered continuously, thus they are never depleted.

However, for those who choose a temporary human incarnation, due to one’s choices throughout life, they can consciously or unconsciously unplug from the natural flow of Divine Love. As one goes through life and experiences hardships, they may take on fears and limiting beliefs which dim this continual flow from Divine Love. These are often referred to as “blocks.” They can occur in an individual’s astral energy field, in one’s mental energy field as well as one’s physical energy field. In each of these progressively dense energy fields, a disruption of the natural flow of Divine Love can be created by the human.

This is usually done unconsciously for no one is given a life manual to warn them of the dangers that come as a result of not overcoming a fear or taking on beliefs that are less than perfect Love. The few who choose parents who will nurture these Truths during their tender years have the opportunity to propel themselves from an early age. These are children who come in with full remembrance of who they are and what their goals are… and are nurtured these are nurtured by the parents and/or tribe. Yet, sadly, most succumb to the obstacles they endure. Thus, they create blocks at an early age that warps their ability to tap more consciously into the infinite supply of Divine Love that is their birthright.

Here you are, in this moment, with a varying degree of understanding of the existence of Divine Love. Here you are, in this moment, with an assortment of blocks your energy fields. You will know where you are by the way you feel. Do you experience joy, bliss and happiness in every moment, no matter what trials you are facing? This can be your measure. For anything less is a reminder to show you that within your consciousness, something is out of tune vibrationally. The good news is that anything you have created, you can un-create. There is not one human who in any moment that does not have the ability to make a higher choice that is more in tune with Divine Love. Even the vilest criminal can make a better choice in the moment. Even the purest baby can make a choice of whether to cry, to whimper or to remain silent in that moment. Most humans lie within these two extremes, both of which offer very limited choices.

As a young child, one begins to see that their actions will prompt another action or reaction from within oneself as well as those around them. One begins to see discriminations as well, for one cultural society has its own set of rules whereas a move to another culture offers different rules and expectations. There are also differences within the smaller societies such as the rules and expectations between parents versus siblings… teachers versus students… and with individual friends and foes.

Each interaction affords one the opportunity to experience a facet of life in whatever way one chooses. However, the younger and more immature one is, the less experience one has. This stunts one’s understanding of all the choices that are available. Thus, one deals with their pain and sorrow in immature ways. As one grows older, the choices and abilities to act and react expand. Yet, if the immature fears and beliefs are not updated or discarded, they will remain as the basis of how one views life.

We share all of this with you as a means of encouraging you to look within to find these fears and create the plan to dismantle them. We encourage you through daily review to find the root cause of every imbalance in your life that thwarts the natural flow of Divine Love. Every hindrance, every block within your energy field was created by you. Yes, we understand that you have had pain and misfortune inflicted upon you through the years. But this pain can be viewed as the pressure that changed the coal into a diamond.

When a human has no stress, they tend to become lazy and more absorbed with the menial tasks and lures of the material world. Yet, when tested greatly, one is more likely to stop the Zombie walk and begin to look for something better, something of more value. It is in these times that the human is more likely to go within and to choose to make better choices. It is at these times that the human is more likely to seek God or a Higher power.

Thus, when you are experiencing the pressures of life, rather than succumb to depression, take this opportunity to go within and ask for Guidance on how to make better, more uplifting choices. Truly seek God and ask to be shown the blocks you have created. Then ask for Guidance on how to change your perspective so that you can dismantle these energetic blocks. The more you do so, the more you will experience the inrush of Divine Love that you have previously dammed/damned. Express gratitude for the wisdom to see where you have erred in your thinking.

As you go through your day, notice the times you feel off balance. Whether it is something you observe or something that happens to you directly, choose to discover the root cause of why it is affecting you in a negatively charged way. Then ask to be shown a Higher way of dealing with these issues. Do this over and over and you will quickly begin to have more joy, bliss and happiness in your life. This is the Path of the Masters… inner reflection, action, then a more complete union with Divine Love.

The goal for those on the Awakening Journey is to not only allow the inflow of Divine Love through your energy fields, but then to express an outflow of Divine Love toward all others. When you reach this level of Awakening, you will join the ranks of us as Ascended Masters. That term is reserved for those who have awakened out of the temporary dream state of humanness and are now consciously choosing to express Divine Love each step of their life.

While in human form, you will still experience the trials and tribulations of the world. You will be aware of the atrocities that happen around you. Yet, the main difference is that you will be in the world, yet not consumed by the lower emotions because you will understand the Bigger Picture. You will remember that each choice a human makes has the ability to lead them to a higher understanding. You will then wish to do all you can to help awaken those who come into your circles. Yet, you will not be sucked into their lower emotions and the drama and trauma they are creating. Instead, you will become a role model for those who are on the path to living more consciously. Even though all is in turmoil around you, the joy, bliss and happiness you feel will not be tainted.

Is this the Path you would like to experience? If so, when the dark moments come, be prepared to know how to handle them so that you maintain inner peace. This will happen through deep meditation in which your goal is to connect with the Ascended Masters who have walked this Path themselves. We are here to help you to awaken.

We encourage you to go within and develop strong communication with your own Higher Self and Team of Spirit Guides. They in turn, will help to show you how to release the blocks you have created so that you too, in every moment, can remain tuned into Divine Love which is the Essence of All. This conscious energy is what many call God or the Source of All. No matter what name you label this energy, it is everywhere and yours to merge with. That merging is available each moment and the degree to which you plug in consciously or unconsciously is totally up to you. Choose wisely.

We love you beyond measure.

Metatron and the Masters

*** Transcribed by Reverend Theresa Crabtree. Plan to join us for future Celestial Gatherings as we work towards personal and global awakening. You are encouraged to share this message with others.

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